The Real Solution Of Walmart Money Card Transfer Money From One Card To Another

walmart money card transfer money from one card to another

Walmart is an American multinational corporation that runs a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. The company’s headquarters are in Bentonville, Arkansas, in the United States. Walmart also deals with financial issues and has a debit card that you can use for various financial transactions in the United States. I will show you how to use Walmart money card transfer money from one card to another.

Walmart MoneyCard Visa Card is from Green Dot Bank, a Member of FDIC. Therefore, the funds in the card are secure in case Walmart collapses. You can have up to $250,000 insured under FDIC. Again, the card is issued under pursuant to a license from the great Visa USA. Since it is a prepaid debit card, you have to top up every time your balance is insufficient.

Debit cards are good options to carry large amounts of money as you move around. Carrying huge cash from one place to another is very risky since you may meet thieves who forcefully take the money from you. Moreover, the money in your house risks damage by accidental fires or floods. Furthermore, accessing your money via a card or online becomes convenient when paying for your goods and services.

Send Money Using Walmart MoneyCard – The Procedure

As an account holder, you can carry out a Walmart to Walmart money transfer online. The transfer happens instantly since the accounts belong to the same institution. Again, you can only send money to people within the US. The following is the procedure to send money to others using the Walmart MoneyCard.

  • Log in to your Walmart MoneyCard account.
  • Navigate to ‘Pay Bills and People’.
  • Select ‘Pay People’, and then go to ‘Send Money’.
  • Enter the recipient’s email address or phone number, name, memo, and the amount of money to send.
  • Tap “Continue” and review the information
  • Select “Send Money” to complete the transaction.

Ways To Use Walmart MoneyCard

walmart money card transfer money from one card to another

There are various ways you can use your card. They include the following:

a) Buying goods and services

The Walmart MoneyCard allows you to shop online from various online merchants, including Walmart themselves. You can swipe your card on a POS system at a physical shop or enter your card’s details to pay online.

b) Withdraw at ATM

You can withdraw funds from an ATM using your card. There are some fees associated with ATM withdrawal. When withdrawing at a domestic point, a $0.50 ATM fee applies. Furthermore, an ATM operator fee of $2.50 also applies.

c) Send and receive money to others

Walmart MoneyCard allows you to send and receive money from others. You can only send money to people within the US. Even if you do not have a Walmart MoneyCard account, you can receive money and create one online to access your funds.

Details Process To Get A Walmart MoneyCard

Getting a Walmart MoneyCard is a straightforward activity that takes a short time to finish. You can apply for the card online at the Walmarts website or get it from the nearest Walmart store. To apply for the card, you must be at least 18 years old.

Once you have the card, the next thing is to activate and start using it. You require the Social Security Number to activate the card. For your information, every financial institution must get the Social Security Number for every applicant of an account. That way, it becomes easy to prevent criminals from opening accounts to fund their malicious activities.

You will also require a verified mobile phone number or email address and the Walmart MoneyCard mobile app to access all features. Generally, you require the following information.

  • Social Security Number
  • Physical address
  • Date of birth
  • 16-digit card number
  • Expiration date
  • 3-digit card security code
  • Mobile phone number

To activate your Walmart MoneyCard, you can visit the card activation page and get started. You will start by entering the 16-digit card number, expiry date, and the card’s CVV, then hit ‘Next’ to proceed with the next steps to complete the process.

Different Ways To Add Money To Walmart MoneyCard

There are many ways you can add money to your account. They include the following:

1) Direct deposit

You can enroll in direct deposit to receive funds from your employer or government agency and load your pay check with no fees.

2) Cash Deposit

You can deposit cash at no fees using the Walmart MoneyCard app at various Walmart stores countrywide.

3) Use mobile app

You can use the mobile app to add funds to your Walmart MoneyCard account from your existing bank account.

4) Walmart Rapid Reload

You can add cash to your card using the Walmart Rapid Reload. You only need to swipe your card at the register of a participating Walmart store.

5) Using check at Walmart

Walmart allows you to use a check to add money to your card account. Therefore, you can cash your eligible payroll or even a government check at Walmart to load your card account with no fees. Check cashing fees may apply. You can also enjoy one-stop shopping at the Walmart store.

6) Online bank transfer

The debit card supports online money transfer from your online bank account via an electronic fund transfer at no fee. However, your bank may charge some fees for the transaction. Remember that by doing so, you will be transferring money from one bank to the other, and to make a transfer of money from one bank to another, you require routing and account numbers. Therefore, you will need those details for your Walmart MoneyCard.

7) Tax refund

You can choose to directly deposit your tax refund to your Walmart MoneyCard, thus adding funds to your account. You can have automatic access to your money with no reload fees.

Is It Possible To Transfer Money from Walmart MoneyCard Account To A Bank Account

For now, Walmart MoneyCard only receives money from a bank account. Therefore, you cannot transfer money from your Walmart MoneyCard to your bank account, nor can you transfer money to someone else’s bank account.

Most debit cards allow you to send money to bank accounts, but the terms and conditions of Walmart MoneyCard do not allow that.

Final Thought

Walmart is an American multinational company that owns a series of retail stores. The company operates online and also has physical branches. Walmart has the Walmart MoneyCard debit card that you can use for various kinds of transactions. You can load money to your card account using a bank account, direct deposit, and receiving money from others. You cannot transfer funds to a bank account using the Walmart MoneyCard.

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