Best Guide To Open A Wells Fargo Student Checking Account

Wells Fargo student checking account

Wells Fargo is an American financial services institution whose corporate headquarters are in San Francisco, California. Its operational headquarters are in Manhattan, while executive offices exist throughout the United States and other parts of the world. It has operations in 35 nations with more than 70 million customers worldwide. According to the Financial Stability Board, Wells Fargo is one of the most important financial institutions with various products. We will see how to open the Wells Fargo student checking account later.

Wells Fargo offers various products such as checking, savings, personal loans, credit cards, debit cards, etc. Students require a bank account to manage their finances appropriately while in school. Checking accounts are the best way for students to deposit money. They can use the accounts to pay their school fees safely and spend on various issues such as buying school items such as books, school uniforms, food, and other essential requirements. 

Nowadays, account opening and management are usually online, and Wells Fargo has not lagged. You can open and manage your account right from your couch. That makes it very convenient for students since they can operate their accounts in school without having to leave their classes to line up in a bank for services. Furthermore, most higher learning institutions have Automatic Teller Machines in their institutions to help students withdraw money conveniently.

About A Checking Account

A checking account is a particular bank account that allows you to keep funds for your everyday uses. The accounts are available in banks and credit unions and come with debit cards to access money from your account. Usually, the accounts allow you to keep money that you can withdraw on any day.

A checking account comes with a debit card to withdraw money at an ATM or purchase goods and services online. You get rewards when using the cards at designated stores in most cases. The rewards include cash backs, miles, and points.

 Some checking accounts allow you to save money for your future use if you maintain a particular balance in your account. The APR on such savings is usually higher than the regular savings accounts.

Open A Wells Fargo Student Checking Account – The Entire Method

As a student, you can get a free checking account with no credit check and no deposit with Wells Fargo and start your financial journey without worrying about fees. No monthly service fees are charged for primary account holders based on age. If you are a teen looking for a checking account for your school activities, the Wells Fargo Student and Teen Checking can be of great help.

Wells Fargo student checking account

There are two main options for student and teen checking accounts. For teens aged 13 – 16, the Clear Access Banking account is an excellent option for middle and high school students and parents looking for joint accounts with their teens.

When opening a teen account, you have to visit the nearest branch to get a joint account with your child. You can even make an appointment with the bank to open your account on a particular day.

The Wells Fargo student account requirements for opening the Clear Access Banking℠ account.

  1. Must be 18 years or older to open the account online.
  2. Teens 13 – 17 must open an account at a branch. Anyone of age 17 and above can open an account independently. However, those between 13 and 16 must open with an adult co-owner.
  3. Two forms of ID to open an account at a branch. You need two IDs from the primary co-owner, the primary and a secondary one, whereby the primary ID can be any of the following.  
  • State-issued driver’s license
  • State-issued ID card
  • Permanent resident card
  • Employment authorization card
  • Passport
  • U.S. Armed Forces ID

A secondary ID can be any of the following.

  • Student ID
  • Employee ID
  • Credit card
  • ID issued from a recognized business or government agency

4. Proof of address, e.g., a utility bill.

5. Teens with no primary ID should have an adult co-owner. The co-owner can be a relative or guardian and come with either a birth certificate, Social Security card, or student ID.

You have two account options for a student checking account if you go to college. If you are at least 17 years, you can choose between two ideal account options for student banking. They include Clear Access Banking and Everyday Checking. Teens under 18 must open an account at a branch.

Features Of The Wells Fargo Student Checking Accounts

It is crucial to know the various features of student checking accounts. Let us look at each one of them. 

i) Clear Access Banking

The account is among the best college student checking accounts you can find. It is best for 13 – 24-year-olds. The group includes teens and high school students. Interestingly, the account has no monthly service fee for primary account owners of 13 – 24 years old.

Moreover, the account has no overdraft fees. Unfortunately, it gives you a checkless banking experience, and thus you cannot write checks. You can open your account with a $25 minimum deposit and you can open your account online as long as you have a suitable device for the activity. 

ii) Everyday Checking

Another excellent Wells Fargo student account is the Everyday Checking account. It requires 17 to 24-year-olds which makes it suitable for college students. It has no monthly service fees, and primary account owners can be 17 – 24 years old. The account links to a Wells Fargo Campus ATM or the Campus Debit Card. It has various ways to avoid fees.

You can get optional overdraft services and Overdraft Rewind® and write checks to make payments, especially your school fees. You can open your account with a $25 minimum deposit. Wells Fargo allows you to open an account online

Reasons To Choose Wells Fargo

We have numerous reasons why one should choose Wells Fargo. They include the following:

i) Mobile app

Wells Fargo has an app that allows you to manage your money. The app allows you to access finances fast and securely.

ii) Opening bonus

You can get a Wells Fargo checking account bonus when you open an Everyday Checking account. You can get up to a $300 bonus upon opening your account and receiving at least $1,000 or more in qualifying direct deposits to your new checking account within 90 calendar days from account opening. Unfortunately, the bonus is not available for the student checking accounts. 

iii) Numerous ATMs

Once you get your checking account, you usually get a debit card that you can use for your day-to-day transactions. The bank has many ATMs countrywide that you can withdraw money from your account and use in various ways. 

iv) 24/7 fraud monitoring as well as Zero Liability protection 

You will always know when something fishy is happening with your account. The bank systems can also detect unusual activities on your account and take the necessary measures. You are not liable for illegal use when you lose your debit or credit card since the Wells Fargo Zero Liability protection covers that.

Final Thought

Wells Fargo is an American financial services institution whose corporate headquarters are in San Francisco, California. Its operational headquarters are in Manhattan, while executive offices exist throughout the United States and other parts of the world. The bank operates online, and you can get a checking account to use for your financial activities. You can open a student checking account for your child to help them manage their finances while in school.

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