Venmo Payment Not Showing Up In Bank Account – The Actual Reason

venmo payment not showing up in bank account

Venmo is a money transfer company that allows you to move money from one person to another. In short, it is a peer-to-peer money transfer app whereby people can share payments online. The creators of Venmo had a target to help people attend movie theaters, dine together in restaurants, travel together, and split bills. It was initially made for students, but it has become a platform for everyone nowadays. In most cases, people transfer money to their bank accounts. What you will do if the Venmo payment not showing up in bank account?

For your understanding, Venmo allows you to send money to your bank account. You can transfer funds to your bank account from Venmo and fail to reflect in your account. There could be numerous reasons why your payment may not reflect in your bank, and that is why we want to check various reasons why transferring money to your account may fail.

Of course, you can utilize your customer care services to get the necessary help. However, before that, you should try a few things to check where the problem lies. There are a lot of troubleshooting issues that you can solve by yourself. Sometimes you may not be able to reach a customer care representative due to a few reasons.

Get Started With Venmo

To start using the Venmo services, you should open an account with the platform. Account opening happens online using various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. You should ensure that you have a phone number and a phone that allows messaging services, an email address, and a bank account.

After ensuring that you have everything with you, you can visit the Venmo account registration page to open your account. Venmo prefers account opening using smartphones or tablets. You should follow the guidelines below to open an account and start enjoying various services from Venmo.

  • Download the iOS & Android app
  • Open the Venmo app
  • Choose your sign-up method and create a secure password of between 8 and 32 characters long
  • Add and verify your phone number and email
  • Add and verify your bank account

Once you complete the above steps, your account will be ready. You should make sure that you use a secure internet connection to carry out the transfer. A secure internet connection cannot be interfered with by third parties.

Public Wi-Fi are very dangerous as they allow hackers to access your data, and you may lose money from your online bank. You also need to know that Venmo is only available in the US and compatible with US-based banks and mobile phone numbers.

Ways To Add Money To Venmo

venmo payment not showing up in bank account

For you to operate your account, you must add money. There are various ways you can add money to your account. They include the following:

  • Receive Money From Others: As I mentioned earlier, Venmo allows you to receive money from others. That is one way you can add money to Venmo instantly since Venmo transfers are instant.
  • Use Your Bank Account: When opening your account, you usually add a bank account which you can use to add money to your Venmo account to fund various transaction types. Again, you can also withdraw money from your Venmo profile to the bank account.
  • Deposit Checks: Venmo allows you to deposit checks online. You should log into your account online, navigate the check deposit section and take pictures.
  • Direct Deposit: With Venmo, you can receive direct deposits from your employer or government agency. You have to fill out a direct deposit form to start the transfer.

Things You Can Do With Venmo Account

There are various things you can do with your Venmo account. They include the following:

i) Transfer money to a bank account

Can you remember me mentioning the importance of adding a bank account to your Venmo account? One of the necessities was to transfer money from Venmo to a bank account when the need arises. You should follow the steps below when making a Venmo to bank transfer.

  • Open your Venmo app to log in.
  • Navigate to the “You” tab by selecting the “Single Person” icon 
  • Tap the “Add or Transfer” button under the profile picture
  • Enter or edit the amount of money to transfer to your bank
  • Tap “Instant” (for a fee) or “1-3 Biz Days” ( no fee)
  • Choose your preferred bank account or debit card
  • Confirm your details,
  • Tap the green “Transfer” button

Your funds will arrive as per the stipulated time. The instant transfer allows you to receive the funds within 30 minutes, while the standard transfer allows you to get your funds within 1-3 days.

Remember that the instant transfer charges some fees. But how much does Venmo charge for instant transfer? Usually, Venmo charges a 1.5% fee (the minimum fee is $0.25, and the maximum is $15).

ii) Send money to someone else

The main reason Venmo started was to help people send money to one another. That is what we are referring to as peer-to-peer money transfer. You can use the steps below to send money.

  • Open your Venmo app to log into your account
  • Move to “Pay or Request”
  • Select or enter the recipient details
  • Hit “Next” from the bottom of your screen
  • Add the amount of money to transfer 
  • Add a payment note
  • Tap the “Pay” tab to complete the process

Funds should knock to the recipient’s account immediately or within a few minutes.

iii) Shop online and at physical stores

Venmo allows you to buy goods and services online and at physical stores. When purchasing online, you can send money to a Venmo account belonging to the merchant you are buying goods from and receive the items at your address.

You can also utilize your Venmo debit card to transact online, whereby you need to provide your card details such as the card number, the security code, and the date of expiry for the card.

The card also allows you to shop at physical stores. You only need to tap or swipe at the register to pay with our card at the physical stores. You can also send money to the seller’s Venmo business account.

iv) Withdraw money at ATMs

You can withdraw money from your Venmo account at an ATM point. You only need to walk to any ATM point with your Venmo debit card, insert it into the machine, and enter your PIN. After that, enter the amount of money you want and follow any other prompt to withdraw. The transaction will reflect in your account.

Reasons Of Venmo Payment Not Showing Up In Your Bank Account

As I mentioned earlier, transferring money to a bank account is one of the uses of your Venmo account. However, there could be cases whereby you transfer money to your bank account, and maybe it does not appear. Some of the probable causes include the following.

i) Not yet transferred

Despite linking your bank account to Venmo, that does not mean that when you receive payments on Venmo, they will go straight to your bank. You have to log into your Venmo account and transfer money manually. That way, your funds will likely show in your bank account.

ii) You used the standard transfer method

You might be thinking that you used the instant transfer and expected to get the funds immediately. However, you could have used the standard transfer, which takes 1-3 days to succeed. Therefore, you have to wait a little longer for the funds to reach your bank account.

iii) Bank sever technicalities

If you send the funds when the servers are down, the funds will remain on hold until the bank solves the issue. You can call customer care and then know the way forward.

iv) Venmo server issues

Sometimes Venmo may have issues when transferring the funds to your bank account. If it happens so, then the transfer will not reflect. You will need to repeat the transfer process once more. If you still experience the same issues, you will need to call customer care.

Wrap Up

Venmo is a payment service that allows you to send and receive money online. The platform allows you to transfer money to other Venmo users, whereby the funds arrive within a few minutes. There are several transactions you can do with a Venmo account.

You can transfer money to a bank account, buy goods and services online and in physical stores, withdraw money at ATMs using the Venmo debit card, etc.

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