Can You Transfer Money From Western Union To Cash App – A Complete Guide

can you transfer money from western union to cash app

Western Union is a money transfer service with headquarters in Denver, Colorado in the United States of America. The service allows you to transfer money to various nations of the world. You can also receive money from people in various countries. Since you can transfer money from your Western Union account to Western Union recipients, can you transfer money from Western Union to Cash App?

Well, that is what I want to discuss today. The flexibility to transfer money from one platform to the other makes it easy to pay for goods and services and it takes no transfer fee whether you transfer funds from your debit card to a cash App but takes charges if you switch cash from a credit card to a cash app. Someone is comfortable getting payments in their Cash App account while another person is satisfied with PayPal and so on. Even though most mobile wallets do not support the transfer of money across platforms, we will see if it is possible with Western Union and Cash App.

Cash App is also a digital payment platform that helps you to send and receive money from other account holders. However, unlike Western Union that operates in many countries globally, Cash App operates only in the United States and the UK. Also, you can only use the service online. Western Union has some physical locations that you can use to send and receive money. 

Benefits Of Using The Cash App

There are various advantages to using the Cash App as a western union bank’s client. In the following, we mention how you can benefit from this app.

1) No Charge on Basic Service

There is no charge on essential services, and it does not require any inactivity fee, foreign transaction fee, sending or receiving money, or monthly fee. 

2) Cash Boosts for Saving Money

You can select Cash “Boost” on the account, which helps save banknotes on several investments with precise vendors.

3) Receive Cash Bonus

If any individual gives you a referral code, you sign up with it. You will obtain a cash bonus, and the reward will be $5 per referral.

4) Free Debit Card

As Cash App users, you can withdraw and transfer your money via a Free Debit Card or “Cash Card.” 

5) Free ATM Withdrawals

You use the withdrawal amount from the ATM if you set up a direct deposit. A $2 fee is required with a Cash Card.

6) Bitcoin Compatible

As a Cash App user, you can make eligible to sell and buy bitcoin without bother. Yet, they will Charge two sorts of fees, such as a service fee for each transaction. This fee depends on market activity.

The Process To Get Started With Western Union

To get started with Western Union, you have to visit the Western Union registration page and you also need an active email address that you must enter in the space provided. You will also need to enter your first and last names, and then create a strong password. Then hit the Continue tab. Western Union will send a link to your email address where you have to verify the email.

Next, you have to verify your ID. To carry out the process, you will need to visit the nearest NEC agent location or even request a visit. Afterward, your account will be ready for use. You can verify your profile with your United States driver’s license, passport, or government-issued ID.

Note that the registration criteria might be different from one country to the other. Therefore, you should look for a registration link that goes with your country if you do not live in the United States. After that, you can then send money through Western Union online, either over the web or using the smartphone app.

Steps You Can Follow To Transfer Money From Western Union To Cash App

can you transfer money from western union to cash app

Western Union money transfer from Western Union to Cash App is not a straightforward process, so it should follow some pathway. To evaluate, these two services do not work together because a number of factors is working there. However, you can use an indirect way to transfer money from Western Union to Cash App. The first step is adding a bank account to the Cash App. You can use the following procedure to add a bank account to Cash App.

  • Tap the ‘Banking tab’ on your Cash App home screen.
  • Select ‘Link Bank’.
  • Follow the prompts.

You can also modify a linked bank account in the following procedure.

  • Select the ‘Banking tab’ on your Cash App home screen.
  • Hit on ‘Linked Banks’ or ‘Linked Accounts’.
  • Tap the account to modify.
  • Select ‘Remove Bank or Replace Bank’.
  • Follow the prompts.

Once you have added your bank to the Cash App, you can log into your Western Union app to receive money by account online and transfer funds to the bank account you added to the Cash App. You can also send money via the Western Union App. After that, you can log into your Cash App account to add money. 

You can send or receive Western Union to debit card or credit card national and international money transfers from Western Union to a bank account in the following manner. At the same time, you must keep in remember that in terms of international funds transfers, you need to give fees foreign exchanges rates, and taxes.

  • Log into your online account.
  • Enter an amount and destination.
  • Select a bank account as the receiving medium.
  • Next, enter your receiving bank account details to transfer money directly to the bank account.
  • Choose whether to pay with your debit card or with your bank account.
  • Confirm to send and track your transfer.

To add money to your Cash App account, you can use the following procedure.

  • Tap the ‘Banking tab’ on the Cash App home screen.
  • Hit ‘Add Cash’.
  • Enter an amount.
  • Tap ‘Add’.
  • Use your Touch ID or enter your PIN to confirm the transaction.

This way, you will have successfully transferred money from Western Union to Cash App. And easily, you are able to cash pickup in any situation.

Procedure To Send Money To A Western Union Recipient

Within minutes, you can quickly transfer money from your Western Union account to another Western Union recipient; that’s why choosing money transmitter ensures cash transfer agent location. All you need is the receiver’s name as it appears on their ID, plus other details that correctly identify them. The following procedure will help you to transfer money.

  • Enter the transfer details, such as your recipient’s country.
  •  Enter the amount of money to send.
  • Choose the mobile wallet as the delivery method.
  • Enter recipient’s details; these include your receiver’s name as it appears on the ID and other required details.
  • Pay for the transaction with your credit, debit card, or with a bank.

Once you complete the transaction, you will get a confirmation message on your phone with the tracking number (MTCN). You will also get a notification when the money is to be delivered.

Terms To Receive Money In A Western Union Wallet

Western Union allows you to receive money in the mWallet service within the selected countries. The sender can see the available countries in the drop-down menu when sending. To receive money, you need to have the terms in the following.

  • Ensure you have a functioning mWallet account.
  • Share your details with the sender.
  • Receive money in your mWallet.

Is It Possible To Cancel A Cash App Transaction

You cannot cancel a Cash App instant transaction since money moves out as soon as you initiate the process. However, the recipients can send money back to your account in the following manner.

  • Hit on the ‘Activity tab’ on the Cash App home screen
  • Select the concerned payment
  • Tap ‘. . .’
  • Select ‘Refund’
  • Press ‘OK’

You can also use the refund button to request your money back from someone you send erroneously.

This also refunds money that they suspect was sent fraudulently. The service usually monitors various transactions every day, and you may fall victim to a canceled transaction. If that happens, the funds will be available in your Cash App account as soon as the transaction cancellation happens.

If you used your bank, Cash App will avail the concerned Cash within one to three business days, depending on your bank. You can reduce incidences of transaction cancellation by doing the following.

  • Only link cards that are in your name.
  • Send payments to or receive from people you well know or reputable businesses.
  • Confirm your recipient’s phone number or the $Cashtag before transferring money.
  • Frequently use your Cash App to have a healthy transaction history.

Advantages Of The Cash App

i) Easy to use

The app is easy for both new and experienced users. Once you’ve downloaded the app and linked your Card, you can start sending cash to friends or family in minutes.

ii) Privacy 

You can send cash through Cash App without anyone knowing who you are. You can keep your identity protected as long as you don’t reveal your name or other personal details.

iii) Convenient 

Unlike other options for sending money, Cash App is convenient. Once you’ve downloaded the app and linked your card, it’s ready to use. You don’t need to download new apps regularly to send money.

Final Thought

Western Union is a money transfer service that operates globally. You can send money via Western Union at a physical branch or online. Recipients can receive cash in their bank accounts, in their Western Union wallets, or collect at a physical store.

However, you cannot directly transfer money from Western Union to a Cash App unless you use a common bank account. Cash app is only applicable in the US and the UK.

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