Proper Solution To Transfer Money From RushCard To Chime Card

how to transfer money from rushcard to chime card

RushCard is a prepaid Visa debit card issued by Green Dot Bank under a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. The Green Dot Bank is a Member FDIC, and thus cardholders can have peace that their money is secure even if the company collapses. Being a prepaid card means that you must top up the card before using it. There are various transactions you can do with the card. You will learn how to transfer money from RushCard to Chime card shortly.

Although you may link yours at will, prepaid cards must not link to any bank. That is one main difference between debit cards and prepaid cards. Debit cards must link to checking accounts and sometimes to savings accounts. When you put money in your bank account, it reflects in the debit card. You can add money to your prepaid card using a bank account or reload location.

RushCard and many other prepaid cards allow you to manage your card online. Most companies have developed apps to help you manage money on your palm. Therefore, you can make various transactions such as buying goods and services sending money to other cardholders, among many other transaction types. Again, you can monitor your balance online and see your transaction history. If there are suspicious activities, you can get alerts on your app and take action.

Details Of RushCard

You can get started online by choosing the card design of your choice. There are various designs that you can choose from depending on your preferences. They include Midnight RushCard, Goss RushCard, 24K RushCard, Sequin KLS RushCard, and Carbon RushCard.

Irrespective of the design you choose, you must pay a one-time card fee of $3.95 when you first fund your RushCard, except for the Sequin KLS RushCard that charges $9.95.

After that, you can choose your monthly plan that fits your life. There are two main plans that you can choose from. They include:

  • Flat monthly fee with unlimited purchases. The plan includes Rush Unlimited Plan with a $7.95 monthly fee or $5.95 monthly fee using direct deposit.
  • Pay as I go for each purchase. It includes Rush Pay As You Go Plan for $1.00 per purchase.

After that, the next thing is to enter your details in the spaces provided. You need to enter your name, email address, Social Security Number, physical address, apartment/suite, Zip Code, date of birth, and mobile phone number.

Next, check and agree to receive promotions, offers, and updates. Lastly, read through the fine print to grasp the terms and conditions and tap the ‘Agree and Submit’ button.

Once you get the card, you will need to activate it online and create an online account to manage it. When activating, you need to provide the card number, Expiration Date, Security Code, Last four digits of your Social Security Number, and your PIN.

After that, you can create an online account. You will need to visit the RushCard user ID creation page and submit the card details.

how to transfer money from rushcard to chime card

The Procedure To Transfer Money From RushCard To Chime Card

Chime is a financial technology company that provides financial services similar to banks, although it does not have physical offices. It offers its users a debit card that they can use for their transaction activities. Since it is an online platform, there must be ways to add money to your account.

Remember that when you put money in your Chime account, that is an indirect way you can put money on your Chime card since the card links directly to the Chime Spending account.

RushCard is one of the sources you can use to fund your Chime account, of which the funds will be available for use with your Chime debit card. Since Chime allows you to link your prepaid or debit card and bank accounts to add money for your transactions, you need to add your RushCard details to your Chime account, then add money to your Chime account from the card.

To transfer money from an external source to your Chime account, you need to link it to Chime and then get funding from the external account in times of need. You can link your RushCard as well.

Alternatively, you can transfer money using the routing number and account number of your Chime account. You can either carry out the process using wire transfer or ACH.

Steps You Can Follow To Create A Chime Account

As I have mentioned, Chime is an online financial technology company, and thus, you can create your account online. You must carry out the process online, whether you want to open a Chime Spending Account or Savings account. The spending account is the primary account, and Chime requires you to open one first before going for a savings account.

Online account opening is straightforward as you spend a few minutes creating your account as long as you have all the requirements. You can open your Chime account in three main steps, which are as follows.

  • Start by sharing details such as your first and last name, Social security number (SSN), email address, and then create a password. The details help Chime to ensure that fraudsters do not open accounts. Once Chime confirms your account, you are all set. You must be a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years of age to open an account. You just need to visit the Chime account opening page and tap the Get Started tab. 
  • Once your account is running, you can download the Chime mobile app from the Play Store if using Android or App Store if using an Apple device. Remember, you can also open your Spending account using the mobile app. The spending account allows you to,
  • Deposit money in your account
  • Manage your transactions
  • View your balance

You can also apply for the Chime Visa debit card to use for your transactions. 

  • Set up a direct deposit. The next thing one should do is set up a direct deposit for their Chime account. That way, you will be able to receive your payments from your employer two days earlier compared to traditional banks. When filling it out, you only need to provide your Chime routing and account numbers on the direct deposit form. You can get the details in the Settings or the Move Money section. Direct deposit is one way you can deposit cash to Chime to use for your various activities. 

Benefits Of Banking Via Chime

Various advantages come with banking with Chime. First of all, it is an online platform that you can manage with your phone. It is therefore convenient compared to traditional brick and mortar banks.

Moreover, the financial technology company does not have any hidden fees. It is the way it is. The fees you see are actual and no other unexpected fees when transacting. There are no monthly maintenance charges or minimums, or foreign transaction fees. Above all, most Chime transactions are free.

Additionally, you also get a fee-free overdraft. Overdraft is the amount of money you get from your financial services company to top up and complete a transaction if you have less balance. You must qualify for the overdraft to receive it.

Lastly, you can access over 38,000 fee-free MoneyPass® and Visa Plus Alliance ATMs to withdraw money with your Chime Visa Debit card. If you use out-of-network ATMs, some fees apply.

Final Words

RushCard is a prepaid debit card from the Green Dot Bank, a Member FDIC that allows you to perform various transactions. You can apply for the card online and then receive it at your place. You then activate and create an online ID to manage your funds online.

The card allows you to add money to Chime when you add it as a funding source. Chime is an online financial technology company that offers services similar to banks.

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