Best Way To Transfer Money From Eppicard to Bank Account

How to Transfer Money From Eppicard to Bank Account

Eppicard is a debit card that offers an electronic option to receive child support payments from some state governments under the state organizations responsible for disbursing child support funds to eligible citizens. You have to know the way to transfer money from Eppicard to bank account so that you can at times move some money for savings or other kinds of transactions when the need arises.

Most prepaid debit cards allow you to transfer money to a bank account. Even though some of these cards link directly to bank accounts, others such as Eppicard and Netspend do not link directly to a bank account and rely on electronic topping up for you to use them for various kinds of transactions. However, you can add a bank account to the card account if the need arises. 

Eppicard is a quick way of receiving money other than paper checks that may take days to reach your location. Furthermore, paper checks take time to process, and one has to wait for the concerned bank to process the check for money to reflect in the bank account on the target. Sometimes checks bounce, and especially when some details are wrong, and this worsens the payment process.

Apply For Eppicard

If you are a Custodial parent, you can choose to receive the child support payments via the Eppicard, and the concerned agency will send the payments via the card. The state governments are no longer supporting checks due to some technicalities that come with the payment method.

You need to understand that Eppicard is an alternative to Direct Deposit into your bank account. However, choosing to receive the payments via a debit card will make it easy to access your funds.

Once you choose to receive money via the Eppicard debit card, the agency will send your debit card to your chosen address. The debit card should reach you within a few days after application. You should then activate the card via an automated voice-response system when you call the number provided with the card.

During the activation, you will need to enter the Social Security Number, Individual Registration Number, and Date of Birth provided by DCSS. In case you get stuck in the process, you can call customer care at 1-800-656-1347 or visit EPPIcard. However, you will not use the card immediately as you have to wait until the state organization pays you.

The card has a PIN whereby you can secure your funds so that no one else can use your card. Moreover, the funds in your card have FDIC insurance so that in case of any issue with the concerned financial institution, then your money will be secure.

Eligibility For The Eppicard Payments

If you are a custodial parent, you can get the child support payments via the Eppicard. Also, if you own a checking or savings account at any local bank, you can opt for a direct deposit other than via the Eppicard debit card.

To choose direct deposit, you have to submit a request to have the funds deposited in your bank account. For example, if you are in the state of Georgia, you need to have your bank routing and account numbers. Next, you should go to the Constituent Services Portal and select Case Payments, then Direct Deposit.

Ways To Use The Eppicard

The card is handy in various kinds of transactions. The following are the ways you can utilize the card.

i) Transfer to a bank account

You can send money to a bank account whether it belongs to you or someone else. You need to log into your card account online to initiate the process. It is always essential to have a bank account since modern-day life requires that you transact using a bank account. Some companies and organizations cannot accept payments without using a bank, and thus, a debit card cannot help in such a situation.

Opening a bank account is free with most financial institutions. You can even get a free checking account with no credit check and no deposit and use it for various transactions.

ii) Buy goods and services.

You can use the debit card to pay for goods and services at places where the card is acceptable. You can present the card at places such as groceries, restaurants, filling stations, and supermarkets to pay for your goods.

Also, you can use the card online at stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Zappos, and eBay, among others, to check out. The transaction amount is automatically subtracted from the card’s account and deposited in the merchants’ account. 

You can also set automatic deposits to pay bills such as water, electricity, land rates, and internet. Therefore, you will not need to pay manually every month. Even when you forget, you will still have the bills settled so long as you have enough money in your account.

iii) Withdraw money at an ATM

Eppicard supports ATM withdrawals, and you can get money out of your card at an ATM point. Just make sure that the ATM supports the card issuer before carrying out the transaction. You require the card’s PIN to authorize the withdrawal.

ATM withdrawal ensures that you get money faster out of your account other than withdrawing to a bank account that may take long before you get the funds. You can locate an ATM online when you click on ATM Locators on the Eppicard website and get started. Withdrawing at an ATM gives you immediate access to your child support funds. You will find it very useful to access your child’s support with ease.

Method To Transfer Money From Eppicard To Bank Account

How to Transfer Money From Eppicard to Bank Account

You can move money from Eppicard to a bank account to use for various transactions. When you have money in your bank account, you can send money with a checking account number instantly to other account holders of the same bank or make a direct deposit to accounts of other banks.

To transfer money to a bank account, you have to add bank details to your bank account when navigating to the money transfer section. Eppicard to a US bank transfer costs $1.50 for each transfer from your card account to any US Bank account. Since Eppicard is taken as an independent bank, you will need to deposit to the concerned bank account directly. You will use the routing and account numbers of the concerned bank account.

Once you have initiated the transfer process, funds will not reflect immediately in your bank account. It will take several days, usually 3-5 days, for the funds to appear in your bank account. The amount you transfer will be deducted automatically from your Eppicard account.

Transfer of money from your Eppicard account is usually online. You have to sign in to your card account at the Eppicard website and then initiate the transfer process from the menu.

Reasons To Become Eppicard Beneficial To Custodial Parent

There are various reasons why the card is good for custodial parents. They include the following:

1) The card reduces the time taken for payments to reach the concerned families

The funds usually reflect within two business days once processing has been done. For the case of checks and banks, it takes a bit longer, and you may be forced to source funds from other sources as you wait for your disbursement, which translates to debts.

2) Reduces the loss of payments

Payment through checks is risky since you may lose your check on your way to deposit it. Receiving funds via the card ensures that you do not lose money so quickly.

3) Offers convenience and safety to clients

You can use the debit card to purchase goods and services without the need to use cash. The card allows you to use your balance when checking out. The card payments are very secure, and there is no need to worry about the card’s safety.

4) The Debit Card eliminates the check cashing fees

Paying the check-cashing fees is now unnecessary, thanks to the introduction of the card, as you can now save substantial amounts of money to use for other beneficial transaction activities.

5) You can monitor the debit card transactions online

Once you receive the card, you can easily monitor your account activities online. It makes it easy to track your expenditure and see where to rectify it if you notice irresponsible spending of the custodial funds.

6) Customers receive statements detailing transactions

You can set up periodical notifications to your email address so that you can receive statements about your account. Statements give you detailed information on how you have spent money within a given month.

7) You can get 24-hour access to your funds.

Once you get the card, you can easily access your money via ATM when you withdraw. ATMs do not limit you on the time of the day you should get your money from your account. Moreover, you can pay for goods and services any time of the day.

Bottom Line

Eppicard is a debit card that allows you to receive custodial payments if you have a child that you take care of. The card acts as a form of receiving money electronically from the concerned recipients. You can manage the card online when you create an account. With the debit card, you can withdraw money at an ATM, send money to a bank account, and pay for goods and services.  

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