Can I Transfer Funds From TD To Another Bank

td bank transfer to another bank

TD Bank is the American’s most convenient bank among the ten largest banks in the United States. The bank offers a wide range of retail, small business, and commercial banking products and services to more than 8 million customers. You will find the bank at approximately 1300 convenient locations throughout Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, the Carolinas, Metro DC, and Florida. The bank and its subsidiaries also offer customized wealth management services via TD wealth, private banking, and vehicle financing through TD Auto Finance. This article will focus on TD bank transfer to another bank account.

The bank lately launched person-to-person payment and external transfer services, offering customers suitable and safe options to transfer money to accounts at other American banks or to other bankers. The services are available for all eligible personal banking accounts enrolled in TD bank online banking and give bankers the option to schedule one-time or recurring transfers to or from their non-TD bank accounts, transfer money to someone else’s bank account, or request money from another person. Presently, transfers and person-to-person payments are available only to and from US-based bank accounts.

The bank partnered with Fiserv to offer Popmoney to provide bankers person to person payment options, supplementing the bank’s convenient online banking tools. Through Popmoney, bankers can send money to or request money from people they know or owe. You can use a personal email address or mobile phone number. The TD bank’s external transfer service allows bankers to use their eligible TD bank accounts to transfer money to or from their transaction accounts outside of TD bank.

Enrollment In TD Bank Online Banking – The Process

The bank requires a social security number to register for TD bank online banking. Conversely, you can still sign up for online banking even if you don’t have a social security number, so long as the bank can confirm you are the owner of the account.

Furthermore, you will require your TD bank ATM, Visa debit, and Visa credit cards. You also need to have the email address that you used to open your TD bank account. You will transfer money using the routing number and account number; then, you will need to have this bank account information ready as well.

The subsequent step is to select the type of account you want to sign up for TD bank online banking. You can register your small business account, personal account, or both personal and small business accounts. The bank will then inquire to confirm that you are the owner of these accounts.

Steps To Make An Online Money Transfer Using TD Bank

td bank transfer to another bank

Once you have set your online banking, you can continue to transfer funds online by following the steps below.

  • You should have TD bank’s account username and password
  • Open the TD bank online and mobile account on your smart device
  • Log in to your mobile and online account using your login credentials
  • Click on ‘Send Money’ in online banking
  • Then open ‘Transfers’ and select ‘Send Money with Zelle’

You will need to follow the instructions to confirm if your bank account can transfer funds with Zelle. You can transfer money if your account qualifies to send money as below.

  • Tap on ‘Send’
  • Put the recipient or select ‘Add New Contact.’
  • Fill in the email address or mobile number of the recipient. You should ensure that you only send funds to a person you know or trust.
  • Enter the amount of money that you need to send
  • Select the account from which you are sending funds from
  • Put the account that you are sending the funds to
  • Tap on ‘Review’ to check whether you have filled in the correct details
  • Tap ‘Send’ to complete the transaction

Note that the recipient must be enrolled with Zelle to receive the funds from your account. They will receive an email or a text message to inform them they have received the funds. If you encounter any difficulty when transferring money, you can ask for help from TD bank by contacting their customer care team or live chatting with them.

Moreover, you can email TD Bank to ask for help with a problem encountered. TD Bank is also on Twitter and Facebook.

Can You Make Transfers Between Any Accounts

You can only make transfers between the following TD bank accounts types in mobile and online banking.

  • Personal Lines of Credit
  • Money Market
  • Checking
  • Statement Savings
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit

You can only make a money transfer to or from accounts outside TD Bank using the following TD bank accounts types in online banking only, the best way to transfer money between banks.

  • Personal Money Market
  • The Personal Checking
  • Personal Statement Saving, except for Club accounts

You can only initiate transfers into the following TD bank account types in both mobile and online banking.

  • Credit cards
  • Loans
  • Mortgages

You can make person-to-person payments using send money through both mobile and online banking. Note that the following accounts are not available for mobile and online banking transfers. It is typically due to their unique terms and conditions.

  • Passbook Savings
  • CDs
  • IRAs
  • Any TD bank accounts that do not seem like an option for you to make a transfer
  • TD bank accounts that you don’t own

Money Limits That You Can Transfer With TD Bank

The quick way to find out sending limits is by logging in to the TD app. You will need to navigate the “Send Money” tab and select the global option. Once you enter the recipient’s country, you can click on “What are my sending limits.”

You will note that there is no maximum limit on how many transfers you can have daily. The bank calculates the amount based on the dollar amount in one day. The amount will not include transfer fees. For particular services, the limits are as follows.

  • Western Union: Up to $999.99 daily
  • TD Global Bank Transfer: Up to $6500 per transaction daily
  • Visa Direct: Up to $2500 per transaction daily

TD Bank Money Transfer Fees

TD Bank’s transfer fees are ever-changing depending on the currency, the account that the sender holds, the country funds are sent to, and the type of service used. The fee can range up to $25 for every transfer. This ever-changing fee structure applies to Visa direct transactions. The particular fee will be displayed when you request a quote with this method.

For international wire transfers made in-branch, the transfer fee begins at $30 for a $10000 transfer or more minor. The fee might go up to $80 for higher amounts. If you use the Western Union option, the fees also change based on location, among other factors.

Apart from transfer fees, there may also be regular account transaction fees from TD bank. The fees apply depending on the type of account held.

Bottom Line

You can quickly transfer funds from TD to another bank with online banking. You will need to confirm that you are registered with TD Bank online banking and that your accounts are eligible for Zelle money transfer. When you have verified this information, you can make your first transfer.

The fund’s recipient will receive an email or a confirmation text message once the transaction is over. If you encounter any difficulties with the transfer process, please contact TD bank customer care.

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