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Where to Shop Online and Pay With a Checking Account Number

A checking account is a bank or credit union account that allows you to spend your money the way you want. Such accounts allow you to access your funds 24/7 using your debit card or online via a banking app. Nowadays, it is easy to shop online and pay with a checking account. Most merchants have noticed the convenience and safety of making online payments and have set their payment systems in line with modern payment technologies.

You only need a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch to carry out the process. You can also use a computer to make similar payments as well. Banks, credit unions, and mobile wallets usually have mobile apps with secured access (PIN, password, or TouchID) to prevent unauthorized access to your account. It is easy to lose money online if you are careless.

Nowadays, shopping online has become the talk of the day. You can save time that you could have wasted walking or driving to a nearby town to buy items. Online traders have delivery programs that ensure that you get your item at your physical location. While some businesses make free deliveries, others charge a certain amount of money to transport your goods to your place.

How to open a checking account

For you topay online with a checking account number, you have to create an account first. Most banks are now allowing you to create bank accounts online, whereby you have to enter all the necessary information and then upload all the necessary documents.

The first step to getting the best checking account is researching the available checking accounts from various financial institutions and seeing what they offer. You also need to see the various features and requirements. Make sure you check fees, opening deposits, overdraft limits, cash-backs, and daily spending limits, among others.

You also need to ensure that you have all the requirements such as;

  • An identification document, e.g., Government ID card, passport, or a driver’s license
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Physical address

With all these, you are set to begin your application. You only need to visit the bank of choice website and navigate to the account application page. Choose the checking account to apply and begin your application. Banks usually present you with a form to fill online. You also need to attach various documents for verification. Once you are through, you can submit and wait for feedback.

Some banks can process your application faster, and you can get feedback within five minutes, while others may take many hours or days to give you the way forward. Whichever time it takes, you will still get your account for usage.

How to pay online with a checking account

shop online and pay with checking account

Knowing how the payments are made prepares you psychologically to carry out the process when you decide to buy something. There are three ways you can use to pay with your checking account number. They include the following.

  • Link your checking account to PayPal and pay via PayPal
  • Utilize an electronic check
  • Mail a paper check to the merchant

The following is the process to pay online with your Checking account.

  • Open the website where you intend to buy goods online.
  • Add the various goods you want to purchase to the shopping cart.
  • When checking out, choose the mode of payment, i.e. checking account via e-check, PayPal, or paper check.
  • Provide your bank account information and any necessary details to transfer money using your checking account routing number and account number.
  • Tap on Continue to finish the payment.

Where to shop online and pay with checking account numbers

There are various online stores that you can shop and pay with your checking account. Shopping online should not be for cardholders or mobile wallet account holders only. Even checking accounts can help you to pay for your goods and services. Places that you can shop online with your checking account include the following.


Amazon allows you to purchase various items using a checking account, such as clothes, utensils, electronics, furniture, and many others. You must create an account with Amazon to be able to purchase goods. You have to click on “Shipment and Payment” and tap “Add a Checking Account.” Next, provide a routing number/ABA code and your account number.


Target has physical stores where you can purchase goods and services. However, you can also buy goods and services online using your checking account, among other methods. Target requires you to link your checking account with PayPal to be able to make your payments. That means you have to create a PayPal account first and wait for five days before making a payment.

3) Bloomingdale’s

If you want men’s and women’s clothes, then Bloomingdale’s sells them. You can also buy home appliances, health and fitness products, among others. To use your checking account at the store, you have to link it to PayPal when paying online at Bloomingdale’s.

4) QVC Online Store

Another store that allows you to buy goods with your checking account number is the QVC. Here, you can pay with your checking account when you use a check. You should do so within ten days of placing your order to prevent your purchase from being canceled.

5) Best Buy

At Best Buy, you can buy quality electronics and other home appliances. You can get mobile phones, televisions, laptops, and much more. You can use an eCheck to pay for your goods and services. Therefore, it is faster to pay with an eCheck in that manner.

6) Abercrombie & Fitch

You can add your checking account to PayPal and pay with it at Abercrombie & Fitch. Once you finish purchasing goods and services, you then proceed to check out, after which you get a prompt log in to your PayPal account to pay.

PayPal will get money from your checking account to make the payment. If you do not possess any bank account, you can get a free online checking account with no opening deposit no credit check from some institutions and add it to PayPal.

7) Macy’s

Macy’s allows you to shop online and at their physical stores. You can therefore use your checking account number to shop online. You should add your checking account number to PayPal to purchase goods online from Macy’s. In the process, you will get a prompt to log into your PayPal account and proceed to make your payments.


You can quickly pay online with your checking account at Overstock. Here you only need an eCheck from your bank to make your payments. eChecks are easy to use to make your payments.

Is it safe to pay with a checking account number online?

It is safe to pay for goods and services online from trusted sites such as Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, and others. However, you may lose your money if you buy from untrusted merchants who may misuse your details to steal from you.

Again, you need to understand that using an insecure internet connection can also put your account at risk. Public WiFis are prone to attacks by hackers who may steal from you.

Some people usually ask themselves, can someone withdraw money with my account number and routing number? Well, some fraudsters can use the details to steal from you. They can order checks from your bank using the details to buy goods and services.

How can I avoid losing money when paying online with a checking account?

You can easily avoid losing money from your bank account if you observe the following.

  • Use a secure network connection.
  • Make payments only to the sites you trust.
  • Keep your bank account details safe.

How else can you use your checking account apart from the online purchase of goods?

Apart from the online purchase of goods, there are other ways you can use your checking account. They include the following.

i) Save money

Some checking accounts allow you to save money. However, you have to maintain a specific balance in your account to maximize your earnings. Saving money with banks allows you to get maximum security of your money since all banks have FDIC insurance. That means even if the concerned bank collapses, you will not lose money.

ii) Withdraw money

You can withdraw money over the counter from a checking account at a branch of your bank. You only need to have your identification documents, and you are good to go. You can also use your debit card to withdraw money from your account at an ATM point.

iii) Send money

A checking account helps you to transfer money to someone else’s bank account. If the recipient is of the same bank as yours, you will only need their bank account number. When sending to a recipient of another bank, you will need both the routing and account numbers of the recipient.

Bottom line

A checking account is a bank or credit union account that allows you to deposit and use money. You can access money from such accounts 24/7. You can use a checking account to pay online for goods and services. When paying online using your checking account, you can use an eCheck, add the bank to PayPal, or mail a paper check to the merchant.

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