How Much Money Can You Send Through MoneyGram at Walmart

Send Through MoneyGram at Walmart

MoneyGram is one of the most popular money transfer companies in the world. Other similar platforms include Western Union, Wise, Xoom, and Remitly. The platform operates online and at physical branches and collaborates with various banks, credit unions, and other financial companies to transfer funds to others. The question is, how much money can you send through MoneyGram at Walmart?

Usually, money transfer companies limit the amount of funds you can send to various destinations and through specific transfer platforms. For your understanding, Walmart is among the online and physical stores based in the United States. The company not only deals with selling goods and services but also deals with financial issues whereby you can send and receive money using any of their prepaid cards.

MoneyGram is a United States money transfer service with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is a cross-border money transfer company that allows you to transfer funds internationally. People can pick up their funds at various locations in their country by filling out a form and getting their funds. Therefore, MoneyGram is among the companies that have revolutionized the financial sector worldwide. Sending funds to friends and relatives is now easier than before.

Method To Open A MoneyGram Account

MoneyGram allows you to open your account online and manage your funds conveniently at any place and anytime. You only need to have an internet-compatible device, and you are good to go. To open a MoneyGram account

  • Visit MoneyGram’s website and tap the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  • Enter your email and phone number, and create a secure password to use when accessing funds. You must tick whether you want to receive texts and emails concerning MoneyGram offers or not. 
  • Click or tap the ‘Next’ button.
  • Enter your legal name, birth date, and address in the provided form fields. 
  • Click the ‘Create Profile’ button to complete your account setup. 

When logging into your account, you have to visit the login page, tap the login button, and enter your email and password. You can also download the MoneyGram app on your smartphone or tablet to access your account. MoneyGram has an Android and an iOS app.

Details Of Use Walmart Money Services

Send Through MoneyGram at Walmart

Before I show you how you can send funds using MoneyGram at Walmart, I must show you how Walmart operates. Walmart has a special wing called Money Center that deals with funds management. You can get products and services at the Money Center, such as Gift Cards, Installment Financing, and Walmart Credit Card.

You can also get Money Transfers, Walmart MoneyCard, Walmart Pay, Money Orders, Check Printing, Bill Pay, Reloadable Debit Cards, and Check Cashing. Therefore, you can get numerous services that most people seek in banks.

The reloadable prepaid debit cards are among the most used products of Walmart. To use Walmart money services, you can begin by creating an account with the platform. You need to begin by entering your first and last names and email, then create a strong password.

Also, you can check the two boxes below the form to allow emails about new arrivals, daily savings tips, hot items, and more, and the one that allows you to stay logged in.

However, you should never stay logged in on a public computer. Fraudsters can easily access and misuse your data. If you get the Walmart money card, a prepaid debit card, it is easy to use it online as others can transfer funds from their account to yours. Walmart money card transfer from one card to another is possible online even without the card at hand.

Amount Of Money That You Can Send Through MoneyGram At Walmart

Let us now come back to our main agenda of sending money through MoneyGram at Walmart. Walmart offers MoneyGram money transfer services in over 4,000 stores countrywide. That is according to a 2022 survey whereby customers can send and receive funds from over 200 countries. The maximum transfer limit is $10,000. The MoneyGram fees for domestic transfers at Walmart are $1.99 and $8 for international transfers.

Moreover, for international transfers over $1,000, the fees range from 0.75% to 1% of the total transfer amount. Usually, you can send funds using various speeds with different transfer costs.

Things You Will Need To Send Funds Through MoneyGram

To send money with a checking account number instantly, the account number is of great importance. What about Walmart? We all know that you cannot just wake up and go to send money without having various items. Therefore, you need the amount of money you wish to send, money to cover the fees, a valid ID, and details of the person you are sending the funds to. The recipient’s details could be their bank account number or identification particulars to arrange a cash pick up.

Furthermore, if you are sending funds via the app, you will need a bank account to get the funds. You, therefore, need to provide the bank details, and you are good to go.

Procedure To Transfer Money Through Walmart

If you want to make a Walmart to Walmart money transfer online, then there are various things you should have to affect the transfer process. First, you need to log into your account using the applicable device. Remember that you can send money anywhere in the US or over 200 countries.

You only need to visit the Walmart money transfer page, go down to the Send Now tab, click on it, and wait for the page with fields to fill in the amount to send and the country to send the funds to. When you enter the amount to send, you will get estimates of the fees you should pay.

Remember that you can send finances to mobile wallets, bank accounts, or for cash pickup with low online prices using the Walmart money transfer services powered by MoneyGram. Walmart’s money transfer services are fast and reliable.

There is also a service from the company called Walmart2Walmart Powered by Ria, which allows you to send money from a Walmart store. The recipient then picks it up at a Walmart or Bodega Aurrera store in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. You can also transfer funds via Western Union, a platform that resembles MoneyGram. The recipient can use a Western Union agent location in the US, including Puerto Rico.

When sending money at your local Walmart store, you should visit the Customer Service Desk or Money Services Center with your photo identification at hand. You can use the US currency or a PIN-based debit card. There are numerous stores you can find throughout the country, and you can use them for the transfer.

Bottom Line

MoneyGram is a United States money transfer company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is a cross-border money transfer company that allows you to transfer money internationally. People can pick up their funds at various locations in their country by filling out forms at their location and getting their money. You can send funds online using your account or transfer them to the nearest branch. MoneyGram can work with Walmart to transfer money to others at a store.

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