Send Money Through MoneyGram Online – The Authentic Procedure

send money through moneygram

MoneyGram is an international financial services company with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States. The company started its operations in 1940, and up to date, it has continued to offer excellent services to its users. You can send money through MoneyGram to various destinations of the world fast and securely. All you need is an online account that enables you to carry out the transaction conveniently.

The company provides its financial services via a network of agents and financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. That means that once you create an account, you need a bank or any other financial institution’s account to help you fund your transfers. A bank account works better. Even the recipient may get their money via a bank or their mobile wallet.

MoneyGram has about 350,000 agent offices in the world. Being a global company, it operates in over 200 countries. According to various reports, its extensive operations have seen it make lots of profits. The latest statistics show that the company has an annual turnover of more than $1 billion. Again, the success of MoneyGram has been due to its adaptation of modern technology.

Process To Open A MoneyGram Account

You can open a MoneyGram account online by just using your smartphone or a computer. You only need to visit the MoneyGram website and navigate to the signup page. However, you need to select your region, your continent, your country, and your preferred language to get customized services.

Once you choose your location, you can begin the signup process by entering your email address, a password to use with your account, and phone number. Next, indicate whether you would like to get texts or email alerts about MoneyGram offers and updates and click the next button.

Another field will open where you will enter your legal name, birth date, and physical address. You will have finished opening your account and can wait for further instructions in your mail. Anytime you would like to log in to your MoneyGram account, you will need to enter your email address and the password in the fields provided.

You should consider using MoneyGram from the app you can get from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

About MoneyGram Services

The operation of MoneyGram is simple. Once you have an account with the service, you can transfer money to others within the US or overseas. To send money with MoneyGram at an agent’s office, you need first to find a location near you. Also, make sure you go with:

  • Your I.D.
  • Your recipient’s full name as it appears in their I.D. Remember to tell them their location.
  • The amount to send and the required transfer fee

You can see that you can send money to someone without a bank account. If you are sending the funds to the bank account of the recipient, then you need to provide their account number as well as the name of the bank. For transfers to their mobile wallets, you only need their phone number with the international dial code.

After that, fill in the transfer form and give the agent the right amount to affect the transfer. Once you are through, notify your recipient and share the 8-digit reference number with them to claim their funds if they are to get them at a pickup point.

If you send funds directly to their bank accounts, they will receive the money right in their accounts. The duration taken for the funds to appear in the recipient’s account depends on the destination country and the time you transfer the money.

Again, MoneyGram is about sending and receiving money and offers services such as bill pay services. Furthermore, MoneyGram offers prepaid debit card programs. Debit cards are very convenient for paying goods online, accessing cash at ATMs, and sending money.

MoneyGram also has a reward program where customers get a 20% discount on the fee of their 2nd transfer and a 40% off the required fee after every 5th transfer. Generally, MoneyGram allows you to send money to anywhere in the following ways.

  • Transfer to a bank account.
  • Send online.
  • Send in person.
  • Transfer to an inmate.

Steps You Can Follow To Send Money Through MoneyGram Online

send money through moneygram

Sending money online is the most effortless way to transfer funds since you do not need to walk or travel to any agent’s office. To send money online, follow the steps below.

  • Log into your account using your email and password.
  • Select the recipient or send money to someone new. Here, you need to indicate who you are sending the money, how much you are sending them, and how you want them to receive the funds.
  • Choose ‘How to Pay’. You can pay for the transfer with your credit card, debit card, or even from your bank account.
  • Complete the transaction by reviewing all the details and confirming.

Send Money Through MoneyGram From Your App – The Method

If you have a phone, you can download and use the app to send money using the procedure below.

  • Log into your account online with your email and password.
  • Tell whom you are sending the money to and the amount you are sending.
  • Choose the payment method, either using your bank account, debit card, or credit card. You can even go with cash to the nearest location to send.

Is It Possible To Send money Through MoneyGram To A Debit Card

It is possible to send money to a debit card using MoneyGram by following the procedure below.

  • Log into your online account.
  • Select the recipient or send to someone new and tell the amount you are sending and where you are sending the money to.
  • Select ‘Debit card deposit’ and choose ‘How to pay’.
  • Enter the recipient’s information, such as the full legal name, physical address, mobile number, bank-issued Visa debit card number, plus its expiration date.
  • Review the transfer details and send.

Advantages Of Using MoneyGram

MoneyGram has various advantages that anybody would like to know. They include the following:

i) Convenience

MoneyGram is everywhere, and you can easily find a branch near you and send or receive money. For example, MoneyGram has over 47,000 branches in the US and over 22,000 locations in Africa.

ii) The service is open to everyone

You do not need an account with a bank or debit card to use MoneyGram, as you can reload your account at a location. All you need is to create an online account and get started.

iii) Sending money is instant.

Unlike when you transfer money from one bank to another, MoneyGram allows you to transfer money within a short time. Funds reflect within 10 minutes, and recipients do not have to wait for long to receive their money. However, delays may arise due to other factors such as country of residence and the time you send the money.

iv) It is reliable

MoneyGram has been around for several years, and its services have improved over time. You can be sure that sending money through the platform is fast and secure.

Summing Up

MoneyGram is an international money transfer platform that allows you to move money overseas. You can send money online, via your app, or at a location. You do not need an account with any bank to operate a MoneyGram account.

However, you can use your bank account, credit, or debit card account to pay for your transaction. Interestingly, you can cancel a transaction if you send it by mistake so long as the recipient has not collected the money.

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