Can You Send Money Internationally With Zelle – A Complete Guideline

Zelle is a money transfer platform that allows you to transfer money instantly between banks. The service operates in the US, and almost all banks in the US integrate with Zelle. Zelle is a fast, safe, and easy method to send and receive funds with friends and family members. You can also receive money via Zelle from others whom you trust. But can you send money internationally with Zelle? This is the query I want to answer in today’s article.

If you have an online banking app, you can look for Zelle in the app to get started. The app has revolutionized how you can transfer money in the US. Usually, it takes one to a few days to transfer money from one bank to the other. However, with Zelle, things are so fast so long as the receiving bank supports the service.

Zelle started its operations in 2016, with the parent company being Early Warning Services, LLC. The private company was formerly called clearXchange before changing to Zelle. Its headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. When the service started, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo ran it. Today. Several banks are supporting the service, and there is a probability that your bank is using Zelle.

How to enroll with Zelle

You can get started with Zelle by using your online banking username and password. Most banks allow you to use Zelle right in your banking app, and it becomes straightforward to link your bank with the Zelle service.

When linking Zelle to your online bank, you will use your bank’s login details. However, you will need to create a separate Zelle password so that you can independently log into the Zelle app.

Furthermore, creating a different password for your Zelle offers extra security in case one leak to fraudsters. If your phone supports fingerprint, you can use your Touch ID to log into your app within a few minutes.

Zelle does not work with international deposit bank accounts. Moreover, Zelle does not accept credit cards or international debit cards. As I mentioned earlier, the eligible banks are only based in the US.

How to use Zelle

Once you have created a Zelle account, you can start sending and receiving money via your app. You might be having a question like, how much money can you send through Zelle? Such a question is important so that you do not end up getting inconvenienced in the process.

Usually, your bank determines the limit within a given time. You can only add one bank to your Zelle profile. The following are examples of banks and their Zelle limits.

Bank Daily Limit Monthly Limit
Bank of America $2,500 $20,000
Chase Personal Checking $2,000 $16,000
Ally Bank $5,000 $10,000

If your bank or even your credit union does not support Zelle, your sending limit is $500 per week. When you send money to a recipient enrolled on Zelle, money appears in their accounts instantly. However, for recipients not on Zelle, money will take up to three days to appear on their accounts after they have enrolled with Zelle.

When sending money, you simply add your recipient’s US phone number or email address, the amount to send or request, review and then add a memo. After that, hit “confirm” to transfer or request money. Alternatively, you can share your Zelle phone number or email address with someone who wants to send you money.

It is important to note that you require the Zelle app on your smartphone to use the service. You cannot use Zelle on the web. However, if your bank supports Zelle, you might be able to use Zelle on the web via your online account.

How do I change my bank account in Zelle?

can you send money internationally with Zelle

Since you can only use one bank at a time with Zelle, you may need to change your bank account and add another one. Zelle allows you to use another account. To switch your bank account on Zelle, you can follow the procedure below.

  • Tap the gear-like icon in the top left of your mobile screen
  • Hit on Account
  • Select Switch Accounts

After that, you will get a prompt to unlink your current bank account and add a new one. When you switch to a new bank account, all your transaction history with the old bank will be lost. When using your Zelle app via a bank or credit union, you should contact them to ask how you can change your bank.

Can you send money internationally with Zelle?

Since Zelle does not accept international banks or credit union accounts, it is impossible to transfer money to international recipients. Zelle is only applicable within the US. If, for example, you wish to transfer money from Chime to a bank account, the receiving bank account must be within the US.

However, you can use indirect ways to send money internationally. Start by transferring money to a bank account, add the bank account to your PayPal account, add money to your PayPal account, and send it to someone overseas.

Does Zelle charge fees?

Zelle does not charge fees for sending and receiving money. However, if using the service via a bank or credit union account, you should confirm with your institution whether there are additional fees for using Zelle on their platforms.  You may wonder how Zelle makes money when people use the platform to send and receive money.

Well, Zelle makes money by facilitating the transfer of money from one bank to the other. The merchant must part with 1% of the transaction that goes to Zelle. In other words, the participating banks are the ones that pay fees to Zelle. The banks’ part with fees of between $0.50 to $0.75 per given transaction.

Can you send money from Zelle to Cash App?

Zelle only allows transfers between US banks and credit unions. Therefore, there is no way you can transfer money directly from your Zelle app to a Cash App. However, since Zelle supports bank transfer, you can transfer money from Zele to your bank account later move the money to the Cash App.

Before transferring money from your bank to your Cash App account, you must add the bank account working with Zelle to your Cash App account in the following manner.

  • Log into your Cash App account.
  • Hit on the Banking tab on your Cash App home screen.
  • Select Link Bank.
  • Follow the prompts.

After successfully linking the bank account that works with Zelle, you can transfer money to your Cash App account. You only need to navigate to the money section and select your bank account as the source of money to add to your account. The following is the procedure to add money to your Cash App account

  • Log into your Cash App account.
  • Tap the Banking tab on your screen.
  • Select Add Cash.
  • Choose an amount.
  • Hit on Add.
  • Use your Touch ID or your PIN to confirm.

Alternatively, you can use the same process to transfer money from Cash App to Zelle. Once the funds are in the bank account that works with Zelle, they are automatically available on Zelle.

Now knowing that, I hope questions like; can you send money from Zelle to Cash App, does Zelle support Cash App, can you transfer money from Cash App to Zelle, and so on are well answered. Maybe in the future, both services will establish a direct relationship so that it becomes easy to transfer money between them.

Can I use Zelle for my business account?

Zelle supports small businesses. If your bank business accounts support Zelle, then you can use Zelle to receive payments. You can ask customers whether they are enrolled in the Zelle service so that they can transfer money to your account.

The only problem with Zelle payments for business is that they do not offer fraud protection services to both buyers and sellers. It is therefore important to accept payments from people you know to avoid being conned.

Can I cancel my Zelle service?

Once you create an account with Zelle, you are not tied to the service forever. If you reach a point that you do not need Zelle, you can cancel it and resume to the regular banking criteria.

To close your Zelle app services, you can call Zelle customer care to carry the process for you. Zelle’s customer care toll-free number is 844-428-8542. If you are using the Zelle service via your bank or credit union, you should contact them to help you close the service.

How can I send money internationally?

We saw that Zelle does not support international money transfers. Also, you cannot send money with a checking account number instantly to account holders in other countries using your bank account. However, that does not mean you cannot move money to international recipients. You can use Western Union.

Western Union allows you to transfer money from your bank to a recipient in another country. You only need to add your bank as the source of funds to transfer. You can also use your debit card to load your Western Union account.

Alternatively, you can present cash at a Western Union location. Other platforms that you can use to transfer money internationally include PayPal, MoneyGram, Payoneer, and Skrill.

Bottom line

Zelle is a money transfer platform that allows you to move money across banks. Your bank must support Zelle for you to use it with the Zelle app. Fortunately, you can use the Zelle app without a bank account.

Zelle does not support international money transfers. Moreover, it does not support non-US banks. Zelle to Zelle transfers are instant. You can cancel your Zelle service if you no longer need it

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