How Long Does It Take to Transfer Money from ReliaCard to Bank Account

how long does it take to transfer money from reliacard to bank account

ReliaCard is a prepaid debit card that allows users to receive government agency payments, especially unemployment support funds. The US Bank issues the card. You can use the card to buy goods and services online. Moreover, you can transfer money from the card account to your bank account. But how long does it take to transfer money from ReliaCard to a bank account? It is what I want to discuss in a short time.

Most prepaid debit cards allow you to transfer money to a bank account. However, some, such as NetSpend, do not allow the transfer of funds to a bank account. Despite this, you can use indirect means to move money to a bank account such as PayPal and then to the concerned bank account. The importance of transferring money to a bank account is to allow you to perform transactions that you cannot do with a card.

ReliaCard allows you to manage your card account online. You can check your balance, send money, pay for goods and services online, and so on. Also, you can access funds from your card account at an ATM to use when the need arises. You can even withdraw money over the counter in banks that accept the card. That shows how the card is convenient for your operations.

How do I get the ReliaCard?

You have to complete the application form accurately and submit it to the address provided to get the U.S. Bank Visa ReliaCard. You need to fill in information such as;

  • Your first and last name
  • Your Physical address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Social Security number
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Signature
  • Date of application

You can find more information concerning the application here. The U.S. Bank asks so many details from you since the federal government requires that every financial institution get and verify such information to help fight terrorism and money laundering.

Your card arrives within 5-7 business days from the date of application. Once you get the card, you should activate it online on the ReliaCard website or in the mobile app. After that, you can start using the card for various transactions. You can even transfer money from the ReliaCard to a bank account as soon as the card begins operating. There is no waiting for long to start using it.

How long does it take to transfer money from the ReliaCard to a bank account?

how long does it take to transfer money from reliacard to bank account

The time taken to transfer funds from your card account to a bank varies from one bank to the other. Generally, it takes 3-5 days for the funds to reflect in the bank account. You can transfer money online via the web or using the mobile app.

When logged in to your card account online, you need to navigate to the ‘Manage Money’ menu, then select ‘Card to Bank Transfer’ and enter your account information to send money as per the instructions. You must enter the correct details to avoid inconveniences.

What should I do if I forget my ReliaCard’s PIN?

If you forget your PIN, do not start guessing since the card may be blocked after too many attempts. You should call the number at the back of your card and use the automated system to reset your PIN.

Also, you can reset your PIN if you suspect that someone has mastered it either by calling the phone number at the back of your card and assuming to have forgotten the PIN or visit an ATM and navigate to reset your PIN menu once you have keyed in your current PIN.

Do I need a PIN to use the card?

You do not need a PIN for all kinds of transactions. The PIN is helpful, especially when transacting at an ATM or making debit card transactions. However, when making signature-based purchases, you do not need a PIN if you choose Credit during the purchasing.

Furthermore, you do not need a PIN when checking out online. All you need to enter is the card’s number, expiry date, and the CVV in the spaces provided to authorize a transaction. This kind of payment has seen many people lose their hard-earned money to fraudsters online. You should always keep your card details a secret since someone may use them to steal from you.

Does ReliaCard have a routing number?

Unfortunately, the card does not have a routing number. Therefore, only the issuing agency can load money into your account. It means that you cannot set a direct deposit to your card. Moreover, the card does not have an account number. You can only transfer money to someone else’s bank account or your bank account only but you cannot receive money from anybody except the concerned agency.

The routing number usually identifies your financial institution where you opened your account, while the account number distinguishes you from other account holders. When setting up a direct deposit, you just need to give the concerned party the routing and account number to deposit funds in your account. For ReliaCard, you do not even need to tell your agency that you got the card since the issuer and the agency communicate automatically. 

Can I receive the ReliaCard without applying?

You only receive the card if you apply for government unemployment support. If you receive the card without applying, it could be fraudsters using your details to obtain money from the government. Therefore, you should take the following measures. 

  • Immediately report the fraudulent unemployment claim to your state unemployment agency.
  • Close your ReliaCard.
  • Ensure that you place a fraud alert with the credit bureaus online at You can also contact any of the credit bureaus and report the matter using the following phone numbers:
    • Equifax: 800-525-6285,
    • Experian: 888-397-3742,
    • TransUnion: 800-680-7289

How do I request a new card?

If you lost, damaged, would like to update your name, or your card was stolen, you can request a new one. The steps below are helpful when ordering a new card.

  • Call 855-282-6161. The system should recognize your phone number so long as it is in the system.
  • The system will direct you to enter the phone number registered with your card if it does not recognize your number.
  • Key in the last four numbers of the card you want to replace
  • Choose a reason for the replacement. We have many reasons why you may require a card replacement. You can;
    • Select 1 to replace a lost card.
    • Select 2 to replace a stolen card.
    • Select 3 to replace a damaged card.
    • Select 4 to update your name.
    • Select 5 to order a replacement card.

If you lack all the necessary details, you can choose to speak directly to customer care and explain your issue.

How do I pay bills with my ReliaCard?

As I had mentioned earlier, the card allows you to pay bills, among other kinds of transactions. To pay a bill using the card, you should follow the steps below.

  • Log in to
  • Navigate to the Manage money section
  • Select Pay bills.
  • Choose the company you want to pay from the payee list. You can also enter them manually by selecting the ‘Add a payee’ option.
  • Key in the amount to pay and select the payment date
  • Hit on the Review and pay button.

You can schedule your bill payment activity five days before the due date to avoid any inconveniences.  If you wonder why you need to schedule a payment five days before the due date, I should ask you a question. How long does it take to transfer money between banks? It is usually between 3-5 days. Right? So you have to pay on time. The five days will prevent you from being late for your payment.

How do I track my expenditure on ReliaCard?

You can track your expenditure on your card so that you can know how to manage your money. You can register to get email or text alerts and receive real-time alerts when you receive funds, when you have a low balance, when you pay bills, and many others. You can sign up for the alerts on the ReliaCard website or text the following details to 90831.

  • Text “BAL” to get your balance
  • Text “TRANS” to get details about the recent transactions
  • Text “HELP” for customer service.

How do I keep the ReliaCard secure?

There are various measures that you should observe to avoid losing money in your account. They include the following.

1) Keep your PIN a secret

Your card’s PIN is specifically for you alone. You, therefore, need to keep the PIN secure and never tell anyone about it. You should never write your PIN in easily accessible places, such as in your notebook.

2) Pay online at sites that you trust

Do not expose your card details to any online seller. Some are not trustworthy, and they can steal your details. Some sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Google Play Store, and eBay are reliable.

3) Report if you lose your card

You must report to customer care if you lose your card since someone can use the card details to pay for goods and services online. Even though the card is not like a bank where someone can withdraw money with my account number plus my ID and signature, the card number, the CVV, and the expiry date details are enough to wipe your card account clean.

Bottom line

ReliaCard is a prepaid debit card that allows you to receive government unemployment benefits. Once you apply for unemployment support, the card arrives at the physical address you chose within 5-7 business days. The card enables you to transfer money to a bank account, pay bills online, as well as withdraw cash at an ATM. Only the unemployment agency can send money to your card account.

Spencer Tierney is a writer and expert on certificates of deposits at His work has been featured by USA Today, MSN, SF Gate, the Los Angeles Times, NerdWallet and more. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English at UC Berkeley.