Green Dot routing number

How Do I Get My Green Dot Account and Routing Number

June 12, 2022

The Green Dot is an American financial service and bank holding company. Its headquarters are in Austin, USA. The company mainly issues prepaid debit cards and is globally the largest prepaid debit card company by market capitalization. It also offers a payments platform used by Uber, Apple Pay Cash, and Intuit. Since it is a payment platform, its cards have routing and account numbers. I will show you how to get my Green Dot routing number shortly.

A routing number and account numbers are significant for various financial transactions. If someone from another bank wants to send you money, they should use your account number and routing number. Even though we have a transfer service such as Zelle, which eliminates the need for the above details when sending money, they remain relevant, mainly when contacting a wire or ACH transfer.

Green Dot was started in 1999 by Steve Streit. He started it as a prepaid debit card for teenagers to shop online. The company continued expanding, and in the year 2001, it embarked to serve the “unbanked” and “underbanked” people to improve their banking practices. The company acquired other companies such as Loopt, AccountNow, UniRush Financial Services, AchieveCard, and Santa Barbara Tax Products Group to expand its territories.

How to open a Green Dot account?

The company also gives you a personal banking experience to enjoy mobile banking and bill pay. You can link your prepaid card to your banking app to use for your bill payments, which is one way how to get money off a temporary Green Dot card.

You can open a GO2 Bank account online by visiting the Green Dot account opening page then entering your email address in the space provided. After that, you can click the Get Started Button. If you already have a card from the company, you can activate it by tapping the “Already Have a Card? Activate it” button. You only need to provide the card number, the expiry date, and the security code.

Enter the necessary details per the federal government requirements to continue creating an account. You require your name, date of birth, email address, Social Security number (SSN), and MOBILE phone number. The bank may also require your driver’s license or other identification documents. You also need to provide your physical address.

Once your Green Dot account is active, you will get a notification via your email or phone number about the status of your GO2Bank account.

How to get a Green Dot prepaid card?

Green Dot routing number

It is easy to get a Visa or MasterCard Green Dot prepaid card when applying online. The cards are available in stores, and you can find a location online to purchase one. A prepaid card allows you to pay bills, shop online, and make other purchases in physical locations. Green Dot cards allow you to track your spending 24/7, deposit cash at the register, transfer to your bank account for free, and send money to other Green Dot account holders.​

You can get the card at various stores throughout the country. They include CVS, Rite-Aid, and Wal-Mart. The cards are not available for Vermont residents. If you lost, misplaced, or damaged your card, you could add another card to your Green Dot account online or at a physical store. Remember that you can manage your card online using your app. As I mentioned earlier, you have to activate your card by providing the card details, and you are good to go.

How to use the Green Dot prepaid card?

The prepaid card works the same as the other payment cards. The following are some of the things you can do with your card.

i) Pay bills

Your card can help you sort out various bills such as water, electricity, internet, and many others. Nowadays, carrying cash to pay your bills is outdated, and firms now emphasize paying using digital means.

ii) Send money

The card allows you to send money to other Green Dot cardholders online. You need to use the card account online using the card management app that you can get from the relevant sites such as App Store and Google Play. Follow the procedure below to send money using a Green Dot prepaid card.

  • Log in to your account online.
  • Navigate to Pay Bills and People
  • Select Pay People
  • Hit Send Money
  • Enter the recipient’s name, email, and phone number
  • Write a memo
  • Enter the amount to send
  • Hit Continue to review the information
  • Tap Send Money to complete your transfer.

iii) Transfer money to a bank account

You can transfer money from a GreenDot card to a bank account online. You can do so by following the following procedure.

  • Log into your Green Dot account online.
  • Move to Add money or Transfer money section.
  • Tap Transfer money.
  • Add the bank details where to send the money.
  • Follow the other instructions to complete the transfer.

iv) Buy goods and services

You can buy goods and services at physical locations or online. When buying online, you can present the card number, the expiry date, and the CVV or send money directly if the business has a Green Dot account. When buying at a physical location, you need to tap or swipe at the register to make your payment.

How do I get my Green Dot account and routing number?

A routing number is significant for direct deposit purposes. If you are employed or getting any government benefit, you can use the routing and account numbers to apply for direct deposit. You can make instant transfers with routing and account numbers apart from direct deposit.

That is when doing a wire transfer. Wire transfers are not always instant, and in most cases, they complete within a day. To get your account and routing numbers, you can use any of the following ways.

  • Text info to 37267
  • Download and log in to the Green Dot app and Tap ASAP Direct DepositTM.
  • Log in to your account at and click Deposit, then Free Direct Deposit.

Using the online method is more reliable since the text method may have difficulty, especially if your phone has messaging issues.

What prepaid cards can you get at Green Dot?

There are various prepaid cards that you can get from the company. They include the following.

a) Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account

The card features a 3% cashback when you use it on purchases. You also get a 3% APY on the savings account since the card allows you to save money for the future. Cash backs are ways of appreciating customers whereby one realizes the value of their money.

b) Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart MoneyCard is a product of Walmart in partnership with Green Dot that gives you the Walmart MoneyCard that you can use online and at Walmart physical stores.

c) Green Dot Prepaid Card & Cash Back Debit Card

The card is only available in stores, while you can get the Cash Back Debit Card online and in various stores. Stores that sell the cards include CVS Pharmacy, 7-Eleven Kmart, and Walgreens.

You get it customized with your name when you buy a card only. However, if you apply at a physical store, the cards are temporary and do not have your name but indicate “Valued Customer.” The temporary cards are not reloadable either. 

d) Uber Business Debit

The company has partnered with Uber, a taxi company, to help drivers get paid quickly via debit card. They can then access their funds online and at ATMs, unlike banks that can waste one’s time queuing for payments.

e) RushCard

RushCard allows users to receive early direct deposit, rewards, and money management services. The card was from UniRush LLC, which later sold it to Green Dot Corporation in a deal valued at $147 million.

How to reload a GreenDot Prepaid card?

There are various ways you can reload your prepaid card. They include the following.

1) Reload at a location

I have mentioned the various locations where you can reload your prepaid card. They include CVS Pharmacy, 7-Eleven Kmart, and Walgreens. You need to visit the register and request them to help you in the reloading process.

2) Direct deposit

The card allows you to receive funds via direct deposit to receive your salary and government benefits. You do not need a bank if you have such a card. And as I mentioned earlier, the card adds convenience to access your money.

3) Receive money from others

You can receive money from others online so long as they have your phone number and email address. Receiving funds is one of the best ways to add money to your account.

Do Green Dot cards work with PayPal?

If you have a personalized prepaid debit card, you can activate the money feature in your online account to enable it to work with PayPal. Therefore, it becomes easy to transfer money from GreenDot to PayPal to fund your transactions. PayPal is a mobile wallet like Cash App, Payoneer, and Venmo.

Bottom line

Green Dot is an American financial services company and bank holding company with headquarters in Austin, USA, and offers mobile banking services, prepaid cards, and bill payment services to their customers. Depending on your desires, you can get a temporary or a personalized permanent prepaid card from the company.

Green Dot cards are available online and at physical stores like Walmart and CVS. You can load the cards at physical locations, receive money from others, or via direct deposit.

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