Know All About Golden 1 Routing Number

Golden 1 Routing Number

Golden 1 Credit Union, also known as Golden 1, is an American financial institution headquartered in Sacramento, California. The credit union has more than 70 branches and more than 30,000 CO-OP ATMs nationwide. Golden 1 started its operations in 1933 as California State Employees Credit Union #1. Later, it changed its name to Golden 1 in 1977. We shall be learning about the Golden 1 routing numbers shortly. 

When you open your account at a credit union or a bank, you get an account number specific to you. Additionally, a routing number allows you to receive finances from other financial companies. The number applies to a particular bank, credit union, or branch of a financial company. That means all account holders can use the number to receive money from other financial companies.

The routing number is essential for receiving ACH and wire transfers. You can provide your account number to receive your salary when you get employment. Suppose you have opened or are planning to open a Golden 1 Credit Union account. In that case, you must be interested in knowing the routing number may be to receive payment shortly. This article seeks to explain more about the numbers to keep you enlightened. 

Open a Golden 1 Credit Union account – a flexible ways

 Golden 1 Routing Number

To use the Golden 1 Credit Union routing number, you must open an account which can be a checking or savings account. There are various checking accounts you can get from the institution. 

They include Free Checking, Premium Checking, New Generation Checking, Freedom Checking, and Student Checking. Savings accounts include Regular Savings, Additional Savings, Money Market, Flex Savings, Youth Savings, and Santa Saver.

All the accounts allow:

  1. Mobile Banking
  2. Debit Cards
  3. Online Banking
  4. Direct Deposit
  5. Mobile Deposit
  6. Bill Pay

You can open your account online using your mobile phone or computer. To apply, you only need to choose the account you need and tap Apply Online. After that, you should select New Account and proceed. Golden 1 requires that you have the following before applying. 

  1. Date of Birth
  2. Social Security Number
  3. State-issued identification document (Government-issued ID/Driver’s License/State ID). The document must have a current address. 
  4. Same information for Joint Applicant, if any.

All people in California can join the credit union. You only need to open a Golden 1 savings account with $1, and you are good to go. Also, non-Californians can join if there is a family member or domestic partner of a current Golden 1 member or one of nearly 1,000 Select Employee Groups.

What are the Golden 1 routing numbers

The Golden 1 routing number is 321175261. You can use it in various ways. Suppose you want the number to receive a direct deposit. In that case, you should contact your employer’s payroll section to ask if a direct deposit is available. If it is, you can complete and sign a given form, then return it to your employer so they can enroll you. The institution guarantees an early deposit, although it depends on your employer. 

Additionally, you can use your routing number to speed up your tax refunds. That allows you to receive other recurring payments automatically, such as: 

  1. VA benefits
  2. Social Security 
  3. Pension payments
  4. Dividend checks

The routing number is also essential when writing checks. A check contains your routing and account numbers. That is the only way your bank or financial company can process your check. They can identify the financial institution and the account from where to draw money. 

The best way to get Golden 1 routing numbers

Getting the digits is not that hectic as they are readily available online. You can find it when you search for a routing number on the institution’s website. You can also find it on your check. Usually, a check has three sets of numbers printed in the bottom part. 

The routing number is the nine-digit group of numbers in the bottom left corner of a check. It helps to identify a financial institution. The second set of numbers on the bottom of your checks is your specific account number (usually 10 to 12 digits). The furthest number to the right is the check number. 

Can a scammer use my routing and account numbers to steal from me

If you wonder whether a fraudster can use your account and routing numbers to steal from you, you have every reason to worry. Nothing is traumatizing like having worked so hard for your money only to realize that someone accessed your account and cleared everything. 

An account or routing number alone may not be helpful to a scammer. However, if they get hold of both numbers, you have every reason to worry. Such people can initiate automatic bill payments from your account, which may lead to a loss of money. They may decide to pay for electricity, water, internet and so on using your money. Even though it is challenging to protect these numbers, you can do something to protect your money. 

First, you can write checks to people you only know and trust. Secondly, you can keep your checkbook a secret so that no fraudster can see the digits. That means you should never leave your checkbook lying idle in your place. 

Another way you can lose money while using routing and account numbers to withdraw through online shopping. A fraudster can use the digits to buy goods and services online. We have sites that only require you to enter your account and routing numbers.

Lastly, scammers can create fraudulent checks using your account and routing numbers and use them to pay for goods and services or even deposit money into their accounts. Technology has advanced so much that we have people who can create fake checks that look real. Even though they need to sign, cramming your signature may not be hard for them. 

Is Golden 1 Credit Union safe

Despite the above issues regarding checks in any institution, Golden 1 services are safe. The online accounts are end-to-end encrypted to ensure that fraudsters cannot intercept transactions. Also, the union is insured By NCUA, and you can be sure that your money will always be safe. 

Bottom line

Golden 1 Credit Union, known as Golden 1, is an American financial institution headquartered in Sacramento, California. The credit union has more than 70 branches and more than 30,000 CO-OP ATMs nationwide. You can open an account online using a mobile phone or computer, and the membership is open to all residents of California. Also, relatives of the members can apply. 

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