how to get money off temporary green dot card

How to Get Money off a Temporary Green Dot Card

April 9, 2022

Green Dot debit card is a prepaid card from the Green Dot bank that allows you to use money online and in physical stores. You can easily get a temporary Green Dot prepaid debit card that you can use for a limited period. Once you exhaust the funds, you cannot reload the card. I will explain how to get money off a temporary Green Dot card later on.

It is important to note that the temporary Green Dot card cannot help you get cash from an ATM. Moreover, you can only use the card’s PIN for purchase transactions. Again, while many other debit cards can be used to carry out international transactions, a temporary Green Dot card does not allow you to carry out international transactions. When you travel abroad, you will need cash to use for various kinds of transactions. If you only have the temporary Green Dot, you will need to find another card.

Reliable sources show that you may use your temporary card once you verify your identity like other debit cards. You can even reload the card to use it again and again. Reloadable debit cards are beneficial since you do not need to apply for new cards now and then. All in all, debit cards are reliable media for carrying large amounts of money in your pocket. Nowadays, the risk of carrying many notes in your briefcase is long gone unless you do it for fun which is also dangerous.

How to get a temporary Green Dot card

Getting the card is easy since you need to visit the Green Dot website and get started. You can also visit any participating retailers and buy the card, register, recharge, and start using it right away.

If you order your temporary card online, then it will arrive in your mailbox within two weeks. You will then have to activate the card only at the Green Dot card activation page online. You can as well activate the Green Dot card by calling 1-866-785-6963.

When activating the card, you will need to provide the card number, the security code printed at the back of your card, the card’s expiry date, and the last four characters of your social security number. In the activation process, you will also have to select a four-digit PIN for your card.

A PIN secures the card so that no unauthorized person can use the card to make purchases. The card comes with a card number, which can be very useful for buying goods online.

Once the card becomes active, you can use it for various transaction activities such as buying goods and sending money. You can transfer money from one card to another, either from the same issuer or from a different one.

How to recharge your Green Dot card

how to get money off temporary green dot card

Recharging your Green Dot card is easy. You only need to choose your preferred reloading method to get started. There are three ways you can recharge your card. They include the following.

i) Use MoneyPak

The MoneyPak service allows friends and family members to buy you a MoneyPak gift to load on your card. They purchase in the form of gift cards which you can add to your Green Dot card balance.

ii) Transfer money from your bank to your card

You can easily move money from your bank account to your Green Dot card account and get started with using your card. Each bank to card transfer costs $2.95. The process takes about one full business day to complete, and thus, you can only use the recharging method if you do not need to use it urgently. You can also transfer money from a debit card to a bank account that links to your card, and you will have recharged your card.

iii) Reload at locations

There are numerous reload locations that you can use to top up your card account. You only need to visit the nearest location with your card and money and have the cashier load it to your card. You can find the nearest top-up location when you visit At The Register Locations. The following are the various companies that you can reload the card at.

  • 7-Eleven
  • ACE Cash Express
  • Family Dollar
  • Kroger
  • Rite Aid
  • Safeway
  • Walgreens
  • Circle K
  • CVS/Pharmacy
  • Dollar General
  • Walmart

Looking at the above, you can see that you have many options to reload your card, and you can choose the most convenient for you. Most people prefer Walmart since it is easy to locate.

What can you do with your Green Dot card?

There are various ways you can use your card. Like many other payment cards, you can use your Green Dot card in the following manner.

a) Send money

Green Dot card allows you to transfer money to others online. It is always easy to send money online using a debit card if your card has an online account. Green Dot allows you to manage your funds online, and thus you can transfer money to others with ease.

b) Buy goods and services online

The temporary card has a PIN that you can use when making purchase transactions. Paying with a debit card is one of the smartest things you can ever do with a debit or credit card.

c) Transfer to a bank

You can move money from your Green Dot card to a bank account with just a few taps on your phone. The bank can either be Green Dot or any other relevant bank you may like.

How to get money off a temporary Green Dot card

It may reach a point where you need to get money out of your temporary Green Dot card. So how do you go about it? There are various ways you can get money off your card, ATM excluded.

Remember I mentioned that the temporary Green Dot card does not support ATM withdrawal. However, the following ways will still help you get money out of your card. Have a look.

1) Withdraw at a member Visa bank

You can easily get money out of your card from over 95,000 Visa members. You only need to present the card to the cashier and instruct them to get a particular amount of money off your card.

2) Pay bills

When you pay bills, you get money out of your card account. The amount you pay with your card is automatically deducted from your card account.

3) Transfer to a bank

You can transfer money from a Green Dot card to a bank account. You only need to visit your Green Dot card online, navigate to BANK TRANSFER, and follow prompts. Afterward, your money will reflect onto the concerned bank account.

4) Buy goods and services

You can buy goods and services online using your temporary card. All you need is your PIN to make purchases. You can also enter the card details on the website of an online store when checking out.

How to send money using a Green Dot card

You can quickly transfer money from your card account online to someone else within the US. You only need to have the email address or even the mobile phone number for the recipient and then follow the procedure below.

  • Log in to your Green Dot card account and navigate to Pay Bills and People.
  •  Next, select Pay People, and navigate to Send money.
  • Enter the recipient’s name, mobile phone number, email address, memo, and the amount to send.
  • Hit “Continue” and review the information you provided, and hit “Send Money” to complete the transaction.

By following the above process, you will transfer money to various Green Dot customers throughout the US.

Remember that you can also move money from Green Dot cards to mobile wallets. For example, you can transfer money from Green Dot to PayPal when you add the card to PayPal.

Can I reverse money sent to the wrong recipient?

Sometimes you can miss a digit on the phone number or even a letter in the email address, thus sending money to the wrong recipient. You can easily cancel money sent to the wrong person.

As soon as you know that you have transferred money to the wrong person, you can easily cancel the transaction by navigating to the Transaction History, clicking “Cancel,” and confirming the cancelation.

If the recipient has already received the money, you will now need to deal with the recipient to return the funds to your account. At this point, Green Dot is not liable for any of the wrong transactions. If the recipient does not return the money, you can take legal action to have them compelled to refund you.

How much can I send with Green Dot?

You may not send any amount you want with your card since the issuer has some limits. You may only transfer up to $1,000 per single day and up to $2,500 in any 30 days using your Green Dot service. The limits apply to all cards issued by Green Dot Bank.

Again, for security reasons, Green Dot may limit the number of transfers one can make using the service. If they suspect that the funds may be meant for wrong transaction activities, then they have to put some breaks on your account.

Does the temporary Green Dot card accept direct deposit?

You can receive funds via direct deposit once you verify your identity. As I said, a temporary card is only available for a limited period after which it ceases to operate.

Direct deposit helps you receive your employer’s salary, government benefits, and tax returns, among others.

Bottom line

Green Dot debit card is a prepaid card from Green Dot that you can use to pay for goods and services online and physically at stores. The temporary Green Dot card can only be used only to purchase goods and services, transferring to a bank and sending money.

You cannot use the temporary card at an ATM. When you verify your identity, you can perform other transactions, including receiving money via direct deposit.

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