The Advanced Guide to Can You Transfer Money From Reliacard to A Bank Account

can you transfer money from reliacard to bank account

Reliacard is a prepaid debit card used for disbursing government benefits to eligible recipients. The recipients can access their money in good time to use for various transactions. The question is, can you transfer money from Reliacard to a bank account? Everybody wants a convenient way to access their funds. It is always very disappointing to have money in a particular account that is not easily accessible when needed.

Well, the Reliacard allows you to withdraw money in your bank account depending on the program you choose. I will show you how you can move your funds to your preferred bank later on. Moving money from a prepaid card to a bank account allows you to pay bills, save for future development activities, and apply for loans, among other benefits.

The good thing with Reliacard is that you will never line up at a bank to receive your payments. Furthermore, you will be able to use the card at particular stores and restaurants and get cash backs when you pay using the card. Also, you can access money at an ATM point when in need of cash. We all know that not every place accepts electronic payments, and thus, there is a need to have some tangible money in your pockets.

Who issues Reliacard  prepaid debit cards?

Reliacard belongs to the US Bank, whose primary purpose is to allow you to receive government disbursements such as unemployment benefits. The card may either be a Visa or Mastercard. Being a prepaid card means that you must have money in for you to perform transactions. It is just like regular debit cards, which are only helpful if you have money in the connected bank accounts.

There are concerns that people are receiving Reliacards in their mails and especially in Ohio State, yet they never applied for the cards. That is a scam, and if you are among those who received the cards, someone might have used your identity details to defraud you. Therefore, there is a need to report such cases to the authorities. You should only receive the card if you filed for unemployment benefits.

How to transfer money from Reliacard to a bank account

Most prepaid debit cards allow you to transfer money to your bank account when in need. However, not all cards allow the direct transfer of funds to a bank. However, some debit cards do not directly allow you to transfer money to a bank unless you use a third-party agent. For example, you cannot directly transfer money from Netspend to a bank account unless you use PayPal.

The most amazing thing is that one’s can transfer money from Reliacard to a bank account. All you need to do is to link your card account to a bank account by clicking on the “Transferring Funds” tab and filling in all the required fields.

You can connect your card online since the debit card allows you to manage it online via the app or the web. Once you make a successful linking, you can make ACH withdrawals. Your statements and the transaction history will always show the transfers.

For a successful bank transfer, you must be in a program that supports Reliacard-to-bank transfers. There are some transaction fees that you have to pay when withdrawing from a bank account, and you will be able to see the costs as you make the transfers.

How does the ReliaCard work?

The card allows you to do various kinds of transactions with ease. You can withdraw money from an ATM to use in places that do not allow electronic payment systems. Most rural areas do not have the Point of Sale systems or any other similar way to accept payments other than cash. Therefore, if you travel to your rural home, you have to get some money into your wallet or purse.

Moreover, Reliacard is helpful to make payments either online or at physical stores. Some restaurants, groceries, and hotels accept card payments. Interestingly, you can receive cash back when you pay at select places. When cashback accumulates, you can redeem it.

Furthermore, Reliacard allows you to withdraw money over the counter at banks and credit unions accepting the withdrawal method. The amount you withdraw is automatically deducted from your balance, and as I had mentioned earlier, you can follow the transactions online in the app or web.

How do I check the balance for my Reliacard?

It is good practice to track your expenditures. That way, you will always detect any unusual activities on your card. Some people hack people’s accounts and initiate small automatic transfers from people’s accounts to theirs, and most victims may not notice if they are not keen to follow on their transactions.

To check your Reliacard balance, you can sign up for alerts to receive SMS or email alerts and always know the remaining amount of money after any transaction. Furthermore, you can check your balance at an ATM. Some people do not know the many things you can do at an ATM point other than withdrawing money.

ATMs allow you to deposit money, send money to others, enquire about balance, and withdraw cash. Alternatively, you can check the balance in your app. Reliacard app supports both Android and iOS operating systems and can get it at the respective official application download sites.

can you transfer money from reliacard to bank account

What are the advantages of ReliaCard?

The Reliacard has many advantages over an ordinary bank account. The benefits include the following.

i) Fast arrival of your money

Once the government sends your money, it reflects immediately in your card account. The card receives funds via direct deposit, which is very fast.

ii) Saves time

Imagine queuing behind hundreds of people at a bank to receive your benefits. You could have spent the time doing other economic activities that can generate income or positively build your life. Since funds reach you directly to your card, you only need to withdraw from an ATM or pay for goods and services online.

iii) Reliacard is convenient

With the card, it is like you have money in your hands. If you live in urban areas, you do not need to carry cash since the card will help you pay at points accepting the card and withdraw at ATMs, banks, or credit unions.

iv) It is secure

You don’t have to carry a large amount of money, which thieves may take advantage of that. The card can hold thousands of dollars to different places.

v) Your money is intact

Since the US Bank issues Reliacard, all your money is FDIC insured. Therefore, if anything happens to the bank, for example, collapsing, you will still get your money. Therefore, you should not worry about your benefits balance.

vi) Track your spending

You can always see how you spend your money from the regular statements or transaction history. Therefore you can notice if something fishy happens to your account. Furthermore, the alerts to your email or phone number are enough to keep you posted.

vii) It saves money

Since Reliacard receives government benefits via direct deposit, you will not need checks. Checks usually deduct processing fees, and thus, you will get less money than what you get via the direct deposit.

viii) The card is reliable

It is rare to witness issues with Visa and MasterCard payment cards. Therefore, you can be sure that the card will always come through when you need its services.

How do I get the Reliacard?

If you want to get the Reliacard and receive your government unemployment benefits, you must apply for the card. As I mentioned earlier, fraudsters use other people’s identity details to apply for cards. The authorities are investing in the fraud. If you receive such a card, report as soon as possible.

Upon application, you will get your card via the address you gave when applying. The card arrives in a plain windowed envelope for security reasons. If you receive it in an envelope of a different color, then suspect fraud.

 The card will come with;

  • Instructions on how to activate the card
  • A fee schedule
  • The Cardholder Agreement with terms and conditions
  • A usage guide explaining where and how you can use the card.
  • The U.S. Bank Privacy Pledge

Use the instruction manual to activate the card. Activation happens online at usbankreliacard and should not take much of your time. Here, you will choose your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and follow all the instructions for the card activation. Reliacard is useless when not activated.

Also, make sure that you scramble your signature at the back of your card to make it valid. All your future payments will reach you through the card account, and thus no need for another card to receive subsequent disbursements.

How do I cash out money from Reliacard?

There are various ways you can get cash out of your card. They include the following.

1) Withdraw from an ATM

You can withdraw money at any ATM card that accepts Visa and MasterCard. ATM withdrawals are fast though the machines are not available everywhere.

2) Withdraw over the counter

Banks and credit unions allow you to get cash from your card account over the counter. You only need to give the teller the correct details, and you are good to go. It shows that you do not need a bank account to withdraw money at a bank.

3) Cash backs

One of the advantages of Reliacard is the cashback that you receive when you use the card to pay for items and services at the participating merchants who include restaurants, online stores, medical facilities, hotels, groceries, and filling stations.

How do I withdraw money at an ATM?

If you want to withdraw money at an ATM, insert the card in the place shown. All ATMs indicate with an arrow where and how to insert your card to withdraw money.

Once you have inserted the card correctly, then enter your PIN to continue. Next, select withdraw from checking and enter the amount to withdraw, then select Okay. The machine should process your request within a short time and present the cash to you.

When withdrawing at an ATM, remember to hide the keypad so that no one masters your  PIN. Moreover, do not allow strangers to assist you if you are stuck. Get the personnel manning the facility to help you when the need arises.

Can I withdraw money from Reliacard without a PIN?

You can withdraw money without using your card’s PIN. You only need to visit a teller at a bank or a  credit union accepting the card. You will only need to provide your ID and sign appropriately. If you forgot your PIN and need money urgently, over-the-counter withdrawals will be effective as you await to reset your PIN during the appropriate time.

How do I pay bills online with Reliacard?

Before anything else, you must ensure that you pay online to trusted sellers or service providers. You should not trust everyone as some may fraudulently obtain your card details and steal from you.

When paying online, you should provide:

  • The 16 digit card number
  • The card’s expiry date, and
  • The card’s security code to the seller/ service provider’s website

That is possible if your card has such a program.

How do I avoid fees on my Reliacard?

There are ways you can avoid paying unnecessary fees and save for a better future. They include the following.

  • Withdraw at an in-network ATM. Thousands of in-network ATMs charge no fees when withdrawing. ATMs at US Bank, Allpoint, and MoneyPass do not charge any fees
  • Withdraw over the counter. You will not pay fees when you withdraw at a bank or credit union
  • Perform free balance inquiry online, at an in-network bank, via email or SMS alerts, or your monthly statement

What should I do if my Reliacard is lost?

If you lose your card, you must call Cardholder Services at 866.936.0317 to have the card blocked. Someone else may pick the card and steal your money. You will get another card within ten business days through the physical address you provided when registering. You will still need to activate the new card once you receive it.

You will not be liable for any illegal transactions since the card has zero liability protection. However, the protection policy may not apply if you shared your PIN or do not report on time.

Bottom line

Reliacard allows you to receive government disbursements such as unemployment benefits through direct deposit. You can transfer money from Reliacard to a bank account provided that your program allows it.

Money in your card account is accessible via ATM, over the counter, or at participating merchants. You can manage the card online. If you lose your Reliacard, report immediately to customer care to deactivate it and arrange for a replacement.

Spencer Tierney is a writer and expert on certificates of deposits at His work has been featured by USA Today, MSN, SF Gate, the Los Angeles Times, NerdWallet and more. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English at UC Berkeley.