Can You Transfer Money From Direct Express To A Bank Account

can you transfer money from direct express to bank account

Money transfer is the movement of money from one account or person to another account or person. The movement may be electronic or physical. With technological advancement, most people now prefer the electronic money transfer process. There are various digital money platforms across the country, and Direct Express is one of them. The question remains, “can you transfer money from Direct Express to a bank account?” You will find out about this shortly.

The ability to transfer money from various digital platforms to a bank account enables you to do a lot with your money. We all know that a bank account allows you to save money for future projects. Some of these digital platforms do not have such a feature, and thus the only option is to transfer the funds to a bank account. Furthermore, building a good relationship with your bank helps you to get loans in the future.

When transferring money to a bank, you need the bank account details such as the recipient’s bank account and the routing number in case of a direct deposit. The routing number helps to identify the receiving bank. Every bank has its routing number, just like various places have unique physical addresses. The account number distinguishes the receiving individual from the others.

What is Direct Express?

Direct Express is a debit card company with headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, in the USA. It issues Mastercard debit cards in collaboration with Comerica bank. To be precise, Comerica Bank issues the Direct Express debit cards.

The Direct Express debit card offers a safe way to receive federal benefits. If you have enrolled in government benefits such as the unemployment benefits, and the rest, using Direct Express to receive your funds is a safe move.

How does Direct Express Card work?

You can manage your account online using your smartphone. Therefore, there is no need to visit a physical office to make your transactions. Once you open an account online, you will always need to log in to check your balance, transfer funds, view account activity, and use various additional services.

The MasterCard saves you the stress of carrying large amounts of money with you. With the card, you can access your money conveniently. You can withdraw cash at ATMs that accept MasterCard and use it for various purposes.

Furthermore, the card it self helps you to pay for goods and services and get cash back. When paying at a physical location, you will need to sign or enter your PIN to authorize the transactions. You can also use the prepaid debit card to pay online by entering the card details when checking out.

Also, there is no essence to worry about a low balance since the card gives you overdrafts to complete your transactions. The card is accepted at grocery stores, hospitals, drug stores, and pharmacies, filling stations, and restaurants, among other places.

Can you transfer money from Direct Express to a bank account?

can you transfer money from direct express to bank account

You might know how to transfer money to someone else’s bank account from your bank account, mobile wallet, or any other financial service institution and wonder whether Direct Express supports bank transfers.

Direct Express supports bank transfers, and thus, you can transfer money from your card account to a personal bank account. To carry out the transfer process, you can call the customer care agent toll-free number at 1 (888) 741-1115. You can even log in to your card account online at US-Direct Express and proceed with your transfer. Transfer of money from your Direct Express card costs $1.50 per transfer.

How do I apply for the Direct Express card?

Direct Express card

You can apply for the card when signing up for your federal government benefits. You can also sign up for the card by calling the Direct Express toll-free hotline at 1-800-333-1795. Alternatively, you can visit the offices of your federal benefits agency that can help you apply for the card.

Once you open the account and activate your card, you can receive your benefits via direct deposits. You should call a number usually written at the back of the card to activate the card.

What type of federal payments can I receive on the Direct Express prepaid card account?

There are various kinds of federal benefits that you can receive through the Direct Express card. Some of the benefits include the following.

  • DFAS Annuitant Pay
  • DFAS Retired Military Pay
  • DFAS Former Spouse Pay
  • Civil Service Retirement/Annuity
  • Civil Service Survivor/Annuity
  • Railroad Retirement Annuity
  • Railroad Retirement Unemployment/Sickness
  • Social Security Retirement
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Veterans Health Administration
  • Compensated Work Therapy
  • Chapter 35: VA DEP EDU ASST – Dependents Education
  • Chapter 33: VA EDU Post 911 – 911 GI Bill
  • Chapter 1607: VA EDUCTN REAP – Reserve Education Assistance
  • Assistance Program

Are my funds safe at Direct Express?

Your money is safe at Direct Express, and thus you do not need to worry about losing it. The card issuer has FDIC insurance which means that if it collapses, your money will be safe. Furthermore, the card has the MasterCard Zero Liability that ensures that you will not be liable for any transactions made without your consent if you lose your card.

However, the Zero Liability may not apply in some cases. If it emerges that you shared your PIN with other people, then the liability protection may not apply to your case. Also, if you fail to report your lost card on time, then  Direct Express will not cover any unauthorized transactions under the Zero Liability Protection. You can request a new card once you lose your current one.

Does Direct Express offer a line of credit?

Direct Express does not offer a line of credit. If you are looking to grow your credit scores, then the card will not be an option. You need a credit card that you can apply for from your bank or credit union. The payment card is a prepaid debit card that lets you use money that is currently in your account.

Therefore, if your account is empty, you will not be able to use the card for any transaction. However, the card allows for overdrafts. If you run out of money in your account, Direct Express may give you an overdraft to cover your deficit. 

Is the Direct Express card worth having?

The Direct Express card is one of the best things you should have for your financial activities. It comes with the following advantages.

1) Your money is safe

Your money is FDIC insured. Moreover, no one can get your card and withdraw at an ATM point since it requires a PIN. Even when paying for goods at a physical shop, you will need to enter a PIN or signature to authorize your transactions. Even if you give out your account number to someone to send money to your account, they cannot use the number to get money out of your account.

You may have a question like, “can someone withdraw money with my account number?” Since you have seen that someone can’t use your card account number to withdraw money from your account, you now can relax and enjoy the card services.

2) The card is convenient

You can transact anywhere where the MasterCard is accepted. Furthermore, the card allows you to get cash back when you use it to buy goods and services at select places.

3) Receiving money is easy

You only need to provide your card details to the relevant government agency to receive your payment online via direct deposits. The money is available for use on time, unlike checks that take some time during processing.

Should I give the federal government agency my card details to receive my payments?

No. You don’t have to notify the government agency responsiblefor your benefits about your account since Direct Express will notify the federal agencies accountable for benefits payments that you registered for the card.

Are there fees for the card?

The card application is free since you pay nothing to get it. Moreover, there are no monthly fees for the card, and thus you will save substantial amounts of money. Generally, most services are free. However, you should be conversant with the following fees.

  • Direct Express Cash Access – $0.85 per transaction
  • Monthly paper statement to your mail – $0.75/mo
  • Funds transfer to a U.S. bank account – $1.50 per transfer
  • Card replacement – $4.00 after one (1) free replacement each year
  • Expedited delivery of replacement card- $13.50 every time
  • ATM withdrawal outside the U.S. – $3.00 plus 3% of the amount withdrawn
  • Buying at merchant locations outside of the U.S. – 3% of the purchase amount

How do I find a surcharge-free ATM?

Using a free ATM is one way you can avoid fees associated with the Direct Express prepaid debit card. You can use over 75,000 free ATMs throughout the nation to get money out of your account.

You can withdraw money for free from ATMs of banks such as Comerica Bank, Charter One, Alliance One, PNC Bank, Privileged Status, MasterCard® ATM Alliance, and MoneyPass. You can locate an ATM near you by calling Direct Express customer care.

Bottom line

Direct Express is a debit card issued by Comerica Bank. You can receive government benefits in your card account via direct deposits. The card allows you to get cash from ATMs, pay for goods and services online or at physical stores as well as transfer your funds to your bank account. Some card services are free, while others require you to part with some fees.

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