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Where Can I Buy Gift Cards Online with a Checking Account Number

Nothing feels good than getting a gift from someone who loves you dearly. There are various things you can give someone and among them is a gift card. But what is a gift card? A gift card is a payment card that allows you to buy goods and services of a specific value from a particular store. Nowadays, some gift cards allow you to use them anywhere you want so long as the concerned store accepts them. One can buy gift cards online with a checking account number or from a physical store.

Some gift cards are reloadable, while others expire once funds are depleted. Furthermore, some gift cards are not affiliated with the intended user, and if someone else finds them, they can use them. However, it is criminal to use someone else’s gift card. If found guilty of using one, you can be sentenced to a particular jail term. There are gift cards that the recipient must activate while others are activated at the store.

It is essential to understand that you can use gift cards online or at physical stores like any other payment card. When using a gift card online, you will use the card number, the card expiry date, and the CVV just like you use an ordinary payment card such as a debit card and credit card. The amount you use will be deducted from the overall card balance, and you can continue using the balance until it is over.

How do I get a gift card?

You can receive a gift card from a friend or relative. Also, you can purchase it yourself, as we shall see later on. If you purchase it yourself, chances are that you want to give it to someone or maybe want to store your cash in the card to shop later.

Someone can send you a gift card to your physical address if you have shared the details with them. The person may be your relative or a friend. The card may be activated or maybe needs your activation once you receive it. There are always some instructions for the card showing you how to activate the card before using it.

You do not have to receive a tangible gift card. There are eGift cards where you only have the card details but not the card itself. For example, you can share a gift card in the form of a text message where the recipient will use card details to carry out online purchases.

The Text gift cards make things easy since you do not have to deliver the card in person or via the post office. Furthermore, you can use an email address to send an eGift Card to the intended person.

When buying a gift card, you do not have to visit the seller in person. Most gift card sellers embrace technology and allow you to shop online and pay with a checking account for your gift cards.

How do gift cards work?

buy gift cards online with checking account number

The operation of a gift card slightly differs from the usual cards in a few ways. Before starting to use it, the card must be activated. You can activate the card at the store itself when buying it or send it to the user to activate it themselves.

When purchasing gift cards, you have to pay the equivalent amount you want to be in the cards. That is the amount you want the card’s recipient to use for their transaction activities. If you buy eGift cards, you will need to email or text the card details, just as I have highlighted above. If you buy a tangible gift card, you must post it to the recipient’s postal address.

Once they get the card, they will start using it if it is already active or activates it if not yet. You can purchase goods and services from a specific retailer or anywhere the gift card is acceptable with an active gift card.

Gift cards can be reloadable, meaning that instead of buying gift cards now and then, you can just be topping up the existing one. If a gift card is not reloadable, it means that once the funds in it expire, the card will be useless.

Where can I buy gift cards online with a checking account number?

Various online stores sell gift cards online. They include the following.

1) Macy’s eGift Card

If you want a gift card to reward your loved one, then Macy can be an excellent place to get one. Here you can get gift cards of various denominations ranging from $10 to $1,000, where you can utilize the gift cards to pay for anything you want to buy at Macy’s.

When paying for the gift card, you can use PayPal and use funds from your checking account to fund your PayPal transaction. You can personalize the eGift cards and send them to your loved ones via their email addresses. They will then receive them within 24 hours.

2) Nordstrom Gift Card

Nordstrom allows you to shop online with a checking account for goods and services. It is one of the best places you can buy gift cards with your checking account. They sell eGift cards that you can send to your intended person via their email. There are various denominations that you can get for your card.

Amazingly, Nordstorm gives you a $50 gift card if you purchase a $300 gift card. A $150 gift card will see you get a reward of $20. So now, if you want to make your loved ones happy during their birthdays, holidays, and any other celebrations, then you are good to go.

3) Amazon Gift Card

Amazon is not only a retailer but deals with other things. The retailer sells gift cards that you can send to your loved ones to buy anything from Amazon. You can make an ACH transfer to buy a gift card whereby you will transfer money using the routing and account numbers of Amazon’s bank account.

Once you purchase the card, you can send it to your friend or relative via their email address. You can also send the card text to their phone number, whereby the recipient can use it. Amazon also allows you to print out your gift card. The recipient can use the card at Amazon online.

4) Best Buy Gift Card

Despite being an online shop, Best Buy also sells gift cards. You only need to visit the Best Buy website online to get started. You can buy gift cards for travel, restaurant gift cards, gaming, prepaid phone cards, calling cards, movie and music gift cards.

Best Buy gift cards denominations range from $15 to $500. Once you buy them, you can either mail, send them through email, or print them out to take them in person. The recipient can use the cards online at the Best Buy website or visit the nearest Best Buy Store to purchase goods and services.

5) Gift Card

Target allows you to buy gift cards online with checking account number for your gift cards to give to loved ones. The online store is one of the best online shopping platforms that you can use to shop online for gift cards. You can give your loved ones gift cards to spend during their holidays, birthdays, or any other important event that requires one to spend money.

Electronic gift cards are convenient since you can access them on the go compared to plastic ones, which you may even forget at home. Target REDcard gift cards give you lots of rewards when you use them at specified places.

Interestingly, Target allows companies to get many gift cards to give their employees as appreciation tokens.

6) Apple Gift cards

Apple also issues gift cards when you apply. You only need to be an iPhone user to buy gift cards conveniently. An apple gift card allows you to purchase gadgets, accessories, and so much more from Apple. You can order a gift card online from and send it via email.

You can buy a gift card from Apple with a checking account. If you do not have one, you can get a free online checking account with no opening deposit and no credit check from Chime and Wells Fargo among others.

Amazingly, you can add a personalized message such as a warm greeting to energize your loved ones. The good thing with Target is that they allow you to choose between an eGift card or a plastic one. Therefore, you don’t need to buy an eGift card.

7) Walmart Gift cards

Walmart is one of the best online retail stores that allows you to buy goods and services online. You can get various gift cards such as entertainment, lifestyle, restaurant, gaming, travel, and prepaid gift cards. There are various designs that you can get from Walmart, and all you need to do is visit Walmart online to purchase the gift cards.

If you want to hand-deliver the card, you can opt for printable cards or plastic cards. You can get gift cards of denominations ranging from $5 to $250.

Walmart also issues prepaid debit cards that you can use for various kinds of transactions. You can even use prepaid cards to transfer money to someone else’s bank account online.

Bottom line

Gift cards are cards that you give others as a gift to help them celebrate a particular event. They are usually loaded with money that you use to buy goods from specific stores. Most gift cards are accessible online from various stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and others. You can buy eGift cards, plastic gift cards, or printed gift cards. eGift cards are more convenient.

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