The Best Method To Add another Card To Green Dot Account

how to add another card to green dot account

The Green Dot bank is an American financial technology and bank holding company with headquarters in Austin and is the world’s largest prepaid debit card institution by market. The bank has a Cash Back Bank Account with the richest debit card cash-back, free cash deposits, and free withdrawals in various ATMs. Today, I want to demonstrate how to add another card to your Green Dot account.

Debit cards are good options to carry money in your account. Since debit cards are linked to a bank account, you can conveniently access your funds at shopping stores or withdraw money online at Automatic Teller machines. When you spend money using the cards, the used amounts automatically deducts from your account. Americans widely use green Dot debit cards due to the various advantages that the cards carry.

Green Dot prepaid debit cards are easy to manage online using the Green Dot app. You only need to download the Green Dot app from the relevant store, create an account and manage your funds right from your palm. And you can purchase goods, send money, as well as withdraw to a bank account with ease. You can also create a Green Dot account over the web using your computer.

Procedure To Create A Green Dot Account

You can create a Green Dot account online using your smartphone or computer. You must be an American citizen since Green Dot only operates in the United States. There are also other things you should have to be able to create an account successfully. They include the following:

  • Social Security Number
  • An identification document
  • A US phone number
  • An active email address
  • A valid physical address

Once you have gathered all those details, you can navigate the relevant website and begin your application.

  • Visit the Green Dot account application page and click on “Open an Account.”
  • Once you click the tab, you will land at the GO2bank, where you must enter your email address.
  • Next, hit ‘Get started’.
  • Another page opens that requires you to enter your first and last name. You should ensure that the names you provide match your state ID, as they will be important when setting up direct deposit.
  • Click ‘Continues’.
  • Enter your home address. Here, you will enter your valid address, Apt, suite or unit, ZIP code, City, and your state. You may ignore the Apt, suite, or unit.
  • Tick the agreement and consent boxes once you familiarize yourself with the details and hit ‘Continue’.
  • On the page that opens, enter your phone number and click Continue. The number should be capable of receiving messages.
  • GO2bank will verify your phone number. Once your mobile phone number is verified, you can apply for a prepaid debit card and activate it.

Ways To Apply For A Green Dot Card

how to add another card to green dot account

You can get a Green Dot card in two ways. You can either buy a temporary Green Dot card at a participating retailer or online. Either way, you will have to register and activate it online.

Activation Of The Green Dot Card

Activating your card is straightforward. The following is the procedure to activate the card.

  • Visit the Green Dot Platinum activation page.
  • Enter your card’s information in the form that opens. You should enter the 16-digit card number, the card’s expiry date, and CVV.
  • Click “NEXT” to finish the registration.

Contrary to cards from other card issuers, you have to activate the card online then receive it to add money for use. You will then receive the tangible card at your physical address later on. That means you should never miss a single digit of your physical address, or else you may not receive the card at all.

After that, you can start loading money onto your card and use it, whether online or at the ATM points. Before you get the personalized card, you will use your card online to purchase goods and services. By the way, buying goods and services online is one way on how to get money off a temporary Green Dot card. You cannot withdraw money at an ATM point since you require a card to insert in the machine.

The Method To Add Another Card To Green Dot Account

You may want to get another card when the one you have been using gets lost or damaged. Sometimes the card might be stolen, and the only thing you can do is deactivate it and get a new one from the institution. Well, it is possible to add another card to your account and continue enjoying life.

You can add a new replacement debit card in the following manner.

  • Log into your Green Dot app
  • Navigate to Settings, Manage Card
  • Go to ‘Report Card Lost/Stolen’
  • Enter the information requested
  • Hit ‘Next’ to confirm the information
  • Report to request replacement

Once you have completed the above process, your card will be deactivated. Green Dot will send a new card at a $5 fee. The fees are present in your card agreement details, and nothing new about the fees.

Things You Can Do With A Green Dot Card

Using a Green Dot card is not different from the other debit cards. Therefore the usage of the card is just the same. The following are ways you can use your card.

i) Buying goods and services

A Green Dot card allows you to buy goods and services online and at physical stores. The temporary Green Dot card will help you pay for goods and services when you enter the security code, the card number, and the expiry date in the field provided by the concerned merchant. Using a prepaid debit card is convenient since you do not have to withdraw cash. Also, you do not have to carry large amounts of money for your account.

ii) Send money to others

You can transfer money to other Green Dot account holders with just a few taps on your device. All you require is the recipient’s number to transfer money. The phone number is that important since you can also present it to others to send you money. And that is why you must verify your phone number so that Green Dot can be sure that the phone number will receive money.

iii) Transfer money to a bank account

Green Dot allows you to transfer money from a Greendot card to a bank account. You need to understand how ACH transfers are undertaken since Green Dot allows you to transfer money to other banks using the ACH transfer method.

iv) Withdraw money at an ATM point.

With your Green Dot Card, you can withdraw money from an ATM point. You only need to know your card’s PIN that you will use once you insert the card in your card into the ATM.

Send Money From Your Green Dot Account To Other Green Dot Account Holders – The Process

You can quickly transfer money from your Green Dot account to another Green Dot account holder, as I have just mentioned above. The following is the process to carry out the transfer process.

You can transfer money to anyone in the United States as long as you have an active email or mobile phone number for the recipient.

  • Log in to your account online
  • Navigate to ‘Pay Bills and People’
  • Select ‘Pay People’, and navigate to ‘Send Money’
  • Enter the recipient’s name, mobile phone number, or email address memo and the money to transfer
  • Tap “Continue” and review the information before hitting “Send Money” to complete the transfer process

Wrap Up

Green Dot Bank is an American financial technology and bank holding company with headquarters in Austin. The company issues prepaid debit cards online when you apply. Moreover, the operations of the company are limited to the United States.

Once you lose your card, you can permanently deactivate it and replace it with a new one. You can deposit money to a Green Dot account using a bank account, direct deposit, and mobile deposit, among other ways. 

Spencer Tierney is a writer and expert on certificates of deposits at His work has been featured by USA Today, MSN, SF Gate, the Los Angeles Times, NerdWallet and more. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English at UC Berkeley.